Sweetness is not inferior to Wang Bingbing. He is praised like the facade of the women's League. What is the origin of 28 year old ma fanshu?

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sweetness inferior wang bingbing. bingbing

8 month 22 Japan , CCTV “ Ice moon cake team ” Performed the national style show for everyone , Li Zimeng 、 Wang Bingbing 、 Sister moon and other hosts presented an ancient costume performance for the audience . Wang Bingbing also dried out “ snow skin mooncake ” Group photo of the whole staff , In the group photo, there is a beautiful woman who is very photogenic , She is 28 Year old ma fanshu .

Ma fanshu 《 CCTV young Summer of the year 》 The performance on the was eye-catching , Her face and figure are very attractive . Ma fanshu in ancient costume feels very gentle , When she dances in a pleated skirt with a shirt, she feels like a girl's group , Many netizens praised the young lady as too beautiful , It's like a women's League facade .

Ma fanshu can be sweet and Royal , Sweetness does not lose Wang Bingbing , But there is a royal sister . Some netizens even call Ma fanshu Lin Zhiling of CCTV . In the list of new hosts announced by the chief TV officer of CCTV , Ma fanshu is shortlisted . Ma fanshu has been a star since childhood , she 18 I participated in the image ambassador trial at the age of and finally won the fourth place .

Ma fanshu had an accident when he was in the draft , Her swimming trunks slipped , But she took it easy , Stick to the show . Afterwards, she calmly responded to the naked incident , It means who likes to see . I have to say that Ma fanshu's psychological quality is very good . After graduating from Communication University of China , Ma fanshu became a female anchor .

Ma fanshu is excellent , Not only looks , And talented . She is the first speaker of Communication University of China in Heilongjiang Province . Ma fanshu presided over 《 Football in the world 》、《 A grand feast 》 Etc , She is a popular sports host . In recent days, , Ma fanshu made a circle with his beauty and figure , It has aroused heated discussion among the audience and netizens .

There are not many reports on Ma fanshu's emotional life on the Internet , But there is a rumor on the Internet that Qi Sijun is suspected to be her boyfriend , The man works for Hunan Satellite TV , It's her college classmate . However, Ma fanshu did not respond to this rumored relationship . For Ma fanshu , Her career is on the rise , Maybe she still wants everyone to pay more attention to the program she hosts !

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