The stars are gone! Park Xiurong crush admitted the love affair and "eardrum CP" was born

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stars gone park xiurong crush

women's team event Redvelvet member JOY And singer Crush Your relationship has been confirmed .

According to south Korean media : singer Crush Relevant persons of the brokerage company 23 Made clear the official position to the media :Crush and JOY It used to be a generation ago , Recently, I started dating because of my good impression .

lately , Some media reported on the women's group Redvelvet member JOY Park Sau wing And singer Crush( Shen Xiaoxie ) The news of being in love . Han entertainment circle didn't know , The report said Crush and JOY The two became close because of their musical partnership last year , I've been in touch since , It has recently developed into a romantic relationship .

According to the report ,JOY and Crush All have pet dogs , When they date, they walk the dog together , Have a simple date like an ordinary couple .

Crush and JOY Last year 5 month 20 Co OP song was released on the th 《MAYDAY》, It shows a sweet atmosphere in the song .

On the other hand , Han entertainment circle didn't know ,Crush On 2020 year 11 In June, he joined the army as a key social service officer , Currently serving in the army .JOY This month with the combination Redvelvet Released a new album 《QueenDom》, Continue the combined activities as a whole .

On the occasion of his return, he exposed his love JOY It also aroused the concern of some fans , Will it be right Redvelvet The negative impact of this return has also attracted much attention .

meanwhile , like JOY And Lu xingcai CP( Xingxiu couple ) Fans also expressed their disappointment , But for the JOY Can meet their own love , Most fans still showed “ Support ” and “ blessing ” The attitude of .

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