It's only been broadcast twice because of the air conditioner. Oh! man

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broadcast twice air conditioner. conditioner

Have you seen it? Have you seen it , Friday 《 My brother 》 It's so wonderful , I didn't expect that it was the second issue, and my brothers couldn't help tearing it up , It's really weird, regardless of each other , When the tea comes up, be careful one by one ~

At the beginning of last week ,GAI Because Chen Xiaochun didn't know Bridget, it was diss Ha people can pretend and impolite , Unexpectedly, Lin Zhixuan became the one who broke the filter this week .

Although Yang thinks Lin Zhixuan's singing is very good, there's nothing wrong with it , But his performance in this program is really disappointing , I just want people to shout Lin green tea .

Lin Zhixuan diss After the hot search this thing , Seriously, it started with the group training of my brothers .

At the beginning of the stage and after the group , The brothers have entered the stage of intensive training .33 My brother, who has made some achievements in various fields, assembled for the public performance , In the process, everyone has his own ideas and views , Differences are inevitable , But I never thought that Lin Zhixuan's group would be the first thunderstorm drop ~

In the beginning , Lin Zhixuan 、 Li Yundi chose each other . Lin Zhixuan has always stressed in the program that he wants to be a “ The Renaissance ” The concept of , You don't have to sing and dance for everyone , But to “ There are specialized skills ”.

Compared with other groups, think about how to make eye-catching things , Lin Zhixuan obviously wants to show advanced artistic ideas and pure strength . So he and Li Yundi found the dancer Liu Jia 、 Li Xiang , use “ Present an advanced sense of art ” This set of words moved them .

From a wide range of art , Li Xiang 、 Both Liu Jia and Li Yundi belong to the theater 、 People on more elegant stages such as concert halls , So moving each other belongs to sympathizing with each other .

When the sheep first saw here, they thought there was no problem , I even began to look forward to the presentation of Yigong .

At this time, the lovely Li Xiang was quiet in the atmosphere of painting big cakes created by artist Lin , I don't know what I'm going to face .

Lin Zhixuan as captain , He is also the most experienced singer in the team , Start to assign the content that each guest is responsible for showing on the stage of this public performance , And began to emphasize repeatedly that in order to present the best stage effect , Everyone should “ Attend to each one's own duties ”.

To put it directly , It's him still Responsible for singing , Li Yundi still To play the piano , Liu Jia and Li Xiang still Dancing on the stage , Seeing here, the sheep couldn't help but start emmmmm 了 , Does this brother not understand the meaning of this program ?

Four people stay in their familiar fields to play , This is clearly eating old money , It's not like cutting through thorns and thorns ?

But it's clear , Liu Jia and Li Xiang don't want to be just “ Dance with ” Come dance , They want to be more involved in the whole stage .

Liu Jia said it tactfully at the beginning , He wants to try singing , See if you can break through yourself . And Li Xiang's attitude is very tough , Say you don't want to dance , I came to join my brother just to get a change .

Yang thought what Li Xiang said was not unreasonable , If it's just dancing , He and Liu Jia, who are also the top in the dance industry, have a lot of homogeneous resources to choose from . If it's just dancing , Repeat yourself , What is the significance of participating in this program ?

Li Yundi, let alone , How can international famous pianists lack stage ? Although he has been very gentle in this conversation , I don't output my opinions very much , But he and Li Xiang were directly pointed out at the end 、 Liu Jia's embarrassing situation : The three of us are the accompaniment .

It seems that the atmosphere is wrong , We are familiar with Kenn The teacher made a round at once , And suggest that brothers can have a good discussion .

But Lin Zhixuan is very stubborn , Always emphasize that you should pursue “ The beauty of having a plan in mind ”.

He felt that Liu Jia and Li Xiang chose to sing , It's easy to expose weaknesses , Especially in his contrast (?). I'm full of question marks. Is there , Lin Zhixuan, are you a little selfish ?

The contradiction is aroused to irreconcilable . Li Xiang felt that he was “ Love ” In the name of . He even preferred to quit the game , I don't want to do what I don't want to do .

What Li Xiang said is absolutely right , Appreciate his courage to show his attitude .

As the ceiling of domestic classical dance , Peach and plum cup dance champion , All slam dancers in the industry , This is also a pursuit of his art career , What Lin Zhixuan said above is really a little disrespectful , The popularity immediately decreased .

Liang Hanwen's comments on Lin Zhixuan seem a little ironic now ~

And the most depressing thing is the rehearsal , Li Xiang tried to sing a song , Lin Zhixuan sat down and taught him , But both language and body language show great impatience and high attitude , The atmosphere here is really cold to freezing .

The sheep don't understand , Mingming Li Xiang is also the top in the field of dance , Everyone has the strength , Or a team, Why can't we communicate friendly and equally ?

Back in the dorm , Li Xiang also looked wronged , Complain to Hu Haiquan : Brother Zhixuan won't let us sing .

Hu Haiquan said with a bosom brother eating melons “ Won't! ”~( Remember Hu Haiquan, who is on the front line of eating melons , There's his part behind it )

Realizing that the atmosphere in the group was wrong, Li Yundi went back to the dormitory and asked Lin Zhixuan to chat , Tactfully expressed the ideas of Li Xiang and Liu Jia , And hinted that Lin Zhixuan, as captain, should give support .

Li Yundi's performance in this period is really good , High EQ , Will talk , Rational enough , Take the initiative to communicate and mediate , The tone is gentle and gentle, and the point is to the end , Also give Lin Zhixuan enough steps , It's a workplace 、 A social script template !

This is the end of the program , The director cleverly released another group facing the same situation , Made a dark comparison . In the Kazakh team , Ricky is obviously not feeling well GAI And Bridget's music style , Feel a headache for this .

But how did Bridget do it ? He didn't force others to accept... Like Lin Zhixuan , But to see through what each team member is thinking , Then skillfully resolve the contradictions between the team members , The art of speaking is a dead touch .

Sheep think this is what a qualified captain should do .

Of course, there is no doubt about Lin Zhixuan's singing , stay 《 I am a singer 》 In the program , He has already proved himself . But he is not a qualified captain , And less able to communicate with people . Communication is not a hard underground order , What's more, the other party is still the same brother as you , There is no distinction between high and low status in this program .

Why does it sound so fake

In the team , Timely communication is very important , And Lin Zhixuan's performance is more like Too self-centered + Difficult to serve Party A + A superior who can only draw big cakes The combination of , In addition to embarrassing the team members 、 There is no benefit beyond the inability to advance common projects .

Favorability dropped to a low point again , The filter is completely broken .

And that's not all . Next , The program team said that they can change rooms according to their personal conditions . Zhao Wenzhuo, who heard the news , I immediately had the idea of changing rooms .

Zhao Wenzhuo said a little wronged , The air conditioning in the bedroom is off , Zhixuan said his voice would dry when he turned on the air conditioner . please , The program is in 6 Recorded on Hainan Island in June , Not turning on the air conditioner will really kill you .

Here is a response from Hu Haiquan, the first person to eat melons , The director group 1 said he could change rooms. He ran to Zhao Wenzhuo and said “ You have a chance ”~

It really kills sheep here ~ It's not too big to watch the excitement , Why is he everywhere !

After the fermentation of Lin Zhixuan's refusal to turn on the air conditioner , So there was the scene of hot search at the beginning of the article .

Yesterday, Lin Zhixuan posted on his microblog , It's because Zhao Wenzhuo said that blowing cold air is not enough for health preservation, so we should blow less , And I just accept the advice and agree . He also said he liked “ Moderate air conditioning ”, I also turn on the air conditioner at home . Lin Zhixuan also sent a bunch of question marks and yellow faced question marks .

Interestingly, Lin Zhixuan's microblog editing records have been changed 5 Time , The last modification was 15 spot .

He really cares about it . A microblog , There is also a lot of criticism on the Internet .

Then Zhao Wenzhuo's microblog response is also a high judgment , Whose pattern is clear at a glance .

In fact, let's analyze the psychology of Zhao Wenzhuo's microblog , It can be learned that :1、 He didn't directly deny that Lin Zhixuan didn't get out of the air conditioner ;2、 He wants to change rooms. It has nothing to do with the air conditioning , I just don't want to live with Lin Zhixuan anymore .

Look at this paragraph , Big brother is worthy of big brother , Risby !

What's more funny is Hu Haiquan , Later, he went to secretly poke and praise Lin Zhixuan's microblog , What an admirable melon eating spirit .

The reason why Lin Zhixuan didn't turn on the air conditioner , He told everyone about his identity as an artist at the beginning of the program . To protect your voice , Lin Zhixuan only eats hemp 、 No spicy food , Don't drink , Enough sleep every day 12 Hours , Variety shows should be recorded after dinner , evening 8 Point to 10 Point is when he has the best voice .

honestly , This rigor 、 be strict in one 's demands 、 Extreme self-discipline , Are very consistent with the artist's various personal settings . But in a group , If there's always such a chatter 、 A self-centered person , No one can afford to change .

Like a leader in the workplace , In the name of being good for everyone , Of course, at the expense of the interests of the people below , Who will really be convinced ?

Even when I first chose the dormitory , Lin Zhixuan also has a Sao. Hu Haiquan clearly said that older people should choose first ( It is known that Huang Guanzhong 57 year , Lin Zhixuan 55 year ), But he slapped his name first , Leave Huang Guanzhong who hasn't reacted yet , It's really uncomfortable to see people .

From the current two issues , Lin Zhixuan's feeling to sheep is more like a machine for pursuing the best singing function , Instead of a “ people ”. There is little human touch in him , For the completion of the program 33 Brother, everyone will give in more or less , But at this level , Lin Zhixuan seems to be missing .

In every team , There are brothers who are not professional enough in singing and dancing , Some are singers , But dancing is not good at . But since I chose to participate in this group program , You should respect others 、 Respect your teammates , Isn't this common sense ?

Never come to the meeting , Not good to good , What the audience cares about 、 What I like to see is the effort of this process . If Lin Zhixuan continues to 《 My brother 》 As a 《 singer 》, The sheep can only wish the members of his next premiere good luck , Also pray that we will not meet players like him in reality .

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