Mai Li P is full of fashion temperament. He is not old at the age of 45. He lives a new style after divorce

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mai li fashion temperament. temperament

Mayi �P It's so fashionable ! A white vest shows a good figure , The daughter inherits her mother's good genes

Mayi �P already 45 Year old , But I can't see the posture of entering middle age at all , When you go out of the street, you still have a sense of fashion, full marks . In recent days, , She went out in a white vest , This vest outlines her tall figure , And a very tight and slender shoulder and neck line , The clothes on her lower body can also show her big and long legs , The media didn't take too many positive pictures of her , Captured several back photos , Her back is also admirable from the bottom of her heart , Very cool , Full of youthful vitality .

For now, mai �P You look good , Netizens are amazed , I thought I had experienced so many ups and downs in life , She will gradually become lonely , But she actually made her life a wonderful winner .

Mayi �P Previously, I was tired because of things related to the article , She had been in love with the article for many years , Have two lovely daughters , And the name of one of the daughters is “ Wen Aima ”.

But what nobody thought of was , The article later fell in love with Yao Di because of the play , Yao Di became a famous junior who everyone shouted , Mayi �P Has also become a resentful woman in everyone's eyes , She was not divorced , Send a sentence “ And cherish it ”, But a few years later ,2019 year , Their marriage has come to an end , Maybe at first I thought there was room for turning around , Later, I found that there was no way to reconcile marital contradictions .

Mayi �P Not many plays have been shot in recent years , But every one is a boutique , She is especially good at portraying strong women in the workplace 、 The image of female elite .《 The first half of my life 》 It vividly depicts the image of a divorced woman , wonderful , Now her new play is called 《 Live quietly in an uneasy world 》, She still exudes charm in the play , Without the fatigue of middle-aged women .

Today, , Mayi �P The height of her daughter is about to catch up with her mother , No waste, mai �P Good genes , Looks like mom , A red dress set off her dancer's temperament .

Mayi �P Cultivate such an excellent daughter , I also worked hard , She used her own hands to help her daughter tidy up the lunch box , Slovenly in slippers , Not like a high up 、 A shining star , More like a loving mother , Fade the aura of stars , She has another side in her life .

Everyone has his own life choice , Whether it's marriage or love , Not every choice is absolutely right , Sometimes mistakes are hard to avoid , As long as we cross the mud pit , Not afraid of those dirty and muddy , Willing to move forward , It's already beautiful .

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