"Bailing pond" Mango TV starts broadcasting, Guo Junchen and Corning compose three love hate entanglements

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bailing pond mango tv starts

By mango TV、 Morning star flourishing age 、 Produced by Huahai film ,TT voice 、 Orange fruit fire 、 Jointly produced by Star Airlines , Based on the “ The impossible world ” Novel network author Wu Yu's film and television drama of the novel of the same name 《 Bailing pond 》 On 8 month 22 Mango on the day TV Go online and broadcast alone .

The play is written by Mu Jingwen , Yan Xiaorui is the chief producer , Excellent young director Huang Chun directed , Guo Junchen 、 Corning starred , Wei Tianhao 、 Qu Tianrui 、 He meixuan 、 Li Mingjun 、 Zong Yuanyuan 、 Chen Zhengyang 、 Wu mans 、 Dong Chunhui 、 Zhao Ziqi and other co stars .

On the opening day , It's official “ Waiting board ” posters , The style is immortal , The spring demon in the picture ( Guo Junchen ) And Hansheng ( Corning ) Affectionate embrace, soft and firm eyes , Just as the two experienced the suffering of thousands of years in the plot , But still move forward hand in hand .

Past life Compose love hate entanglement “ Spring cold couple ” In this life, only love does not regret

It was the spring water immortal who guarded the spirit lamp of forgetting the river , Wang Chunyao, who was demoted as the king of ten thousand demons in Bailing Lake by mistake ( Guo Junchen ), High cold words do not lose narcissism , Every export must be poisonous . The goddess of the cold pool, which was transformed from the shadow of the spring immortal in the previous life , Reincarnation for the unlucky Princess Hansheng ( Corning ), Although it is sad and unlucky in the eyes of the world “ Coffin ”, But I have a heart yearning for freedom . Hansheng enters bailing Lake by mistake because he escapes from marriage and unexpectedly finds that he is carrying a sleeping book that only monsters have , So follow the spring demon to explore the mystery of sushu , We have experienced touching stories together , Gradually, I fell in love with the man with different hearts , Arrogant king of demons . In their story , There is a seemingly dreamy and romantic love , There are also many setbacks and difficulties that the two have experienced hand in hand .

Unit interpretation of love, hate, anger and infatuation many CP I've been drinking sugar all the time

《 Bailing pond 》 As a mythical fairy man unit play , The plot is refined and unique , The characters are bright and full , Multi dimension reflects all kinds of demons . A fledgling master is extraordinary ( Qu Tianrui ) With the charming and amorous fan zero white fan ( He meixuan decorated ) The two sides are entangled in good and evil ;” peachick “ Kong Qi ( Li Mingjun ) And snow camel clan Xiao's third princess Hill ( Zong Yuanyuan ornament ) My wrong love is like smoke ; Red feather fish man Shen ci ( Wu Mansi ) And the proton Xie long night in the northern land ( Chen Zhengyang ) Because of the strife of power ; The boundlessness of light and goodness ( Dong Chunhui decorated ) And the surly Si Tong ( Zhao Ziqi ) Bailing lake was ruined by misunderstanding , Then both died of guilt ; Simao, who followed Hansheng's request but failed, fell into the devil because of his obsession . Just like the theme song sung by singer Ding Dang for the play 《 sigh 》 The lyrics say :“ There are thousands of words in the world , Only love hurts the most .” The demons gathered to complain about their joys and sorrows , Five beautiful stories are touching 、 capable of evoking praises and tears .

Super strong creative team , Very innovative kernel presentation , Together, we have created a new form of fairy Xia drama with all-dimensional attractions 《 Bailing pond 》. A more beautiful story setting than Xianxia , A world view more sophisticated than fantasy ,《 Bailing pond 》 Love line and task line are used to create a platform that can communicate with the audience “ empathy ” The fantasy world of , And the two men and women with tasks after experiencing the love, hate, greed, anger and infatuation of many couples , Finally return to your own emotional world .

Many young actors joined as 《 Bailing pond 》 Inject vitality , Handsome men and beautiful women work together to deduce the love of the three worlds for the unit plot . Every Sunday to Tuesday 20 Click Update , Members are the first to see 6 Set , Please lock the mango tv, Looking forward to meeting you !

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