Na Ying announced her withdrawal from China's good voice, which was satirized by Chen Peisi, and netizens shouted Daolang to take over

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na ying announced withdrawal china

It's just 8.22 Later in the day ,《 The voice of China 》 The program group officially announced : Miss Na Ying quit the recording of the program group , Teacher Liao Changyong will take over .

Once this news was released, it quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens , Everyone expressed regret for Miss Na Ying's departure . After all, under the guidance of teacher Na Ying , Through the good voice of China , Indeed, many excellent young singers have been selected .

For example, we are familiar with Zhang Bichen 、 Liang bo 、 Zhang Lei 、 Zhang Wei and a large number of young and talented singers ! They are also in their posts now , Contribute to the development of China's music industry .

meanwhile , Na Ying studio also announced its withdrawal from the program group at the first time . In her statement, she said :

The reason why I quit the program recording , Mainly because of the schedule problem . I made it myself “ Class two ” It will continue , I will also record through the cloud , Continue to participate in the guidance of students .

In fact, when it comes to 《 The voice of China 》 This talent show , The public has always been mixed about it . Supportive friends think :

This is a very informative music program , Numerous classic songs were sent to the audience . Everyone will always support them , Mentors are also very conscientious , Excellent .

Of course, some people have always expressed doubts , They think that :

Since the death of Yao Beina, a good voice student , Many people no longer believe in so-called mentors . There was even some doubt , The program team has set the promotion quota for students , The scene is just a performance .

In fact, the famous comedy artist Chen Peisi , Once said frankly in an interview :

After watching the program good voice of China , What I admire most is the tutors on the stage . They performed so well , It's perfect . Like our stage play , Can't reach such a level .

But I'm not satirizing them , I'm an expert. I know , This is the live effect that TV programs need . I just admire their acting !

So , As long as it's a TV show , More or less, there will be elements of performance in it . Just entertain the audience , Don't take it too seriously .

In addition, facing Na Ying's departure , There are also netizens shouting Daolang , I hope he can take over the position of Naying's mentor . In fact, such netizens just make fun of it , Because we all know , For a long time, Na Ying and Dao Lang have been in music creation , A little different .

all the time , Many netizens complain about Dao Lang's grievances , Because he wrote many popular classic songs , It is still widely sung . But in the song award process of that year , He was rejected by Na Ying, the then chairman of the Committee . Her reason is that :

Dao Lang's songs are all saliva songs , Not much cultural connotation ! in other words : There is quantity but no quality !

For this reason, whenever Naying is mentioned , Many netizens will think of Daolang . Now Daolang almost quit the singing stage , Devoted himself to working behind the scenes .

In fact, anyway , They are the indispensable backbone of Chinese music . This is just like Guo Degang's crosstalk and the mainstream crosstalk , It's just that they face different groups , But they all have their own fans and audiences .

Finally, I hope the good voice of China can continue to create good programs , Send more laughter to the audience ! What do you think of that ? Welcome to leave a message !

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