"The rest of life" is about to be broadcast. Will Zhang Yuqi scold mango station affect everyone's expectations of Xiao Zhan

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title :《 The rest of my life 》 Coming soon , Zhang Yuqi denounced mango station , Will it affect everyone's expectations of Xiao Zhan

Last night, , because “ Editing problems ” Sent to hot search again “ Mango stage ” Become the focus of attention .

The reason is that Zhang Yuqi is very angry because of its malicious editing , And quit with your boyfriend 《 The love of daughters 》 This program .

Zhang Yuqi said :“ I have worked with mango station many times before , The previous cooperation has been very pleasant , Sometimes even put the mango table As My mother's family , Trust each other , I didn't expect one day , I have become a tool for making malicious editing of topics .”

In the latest issue 《 The love of daughters 》 After the broadcast , Everyone pointed the finger at Zhang Yuqi's boyfriend Li Bingxi .

Actually , In front of Zhang Yuqi and at the beginning of mango stage , Many people also stand up for Zhang Yuqi .

Netizens said : Many of the programs were supposed to be friendly and harmonious with the guests , But the editor cut a knife , A knife in the West , As soon as a good play begins .

Many people make complaints about the mango stand when they were there , I didn't expect today , Zhang Yuqi dares to come out and just .

Because of Zhang Yuqi , The mango table was instantly sent to “ Hot search ”, Its negative news is very big .

But at this time, netizens are worried about the upcoming broadcast 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 了 .

Hunan Satellite TV has been working for 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Publicity , If 《 The rest of my life 》 Broadcast , Will everyone transfer the dissatisfaction of mango station to Hunan Satellite TV ? After all, this is the same radio station .

Have to say , Xiao Zhan's Gu Wei is so attractive , Fancy trailers have been broadcast many times , This makes netizens look forward to 9 month 8 Japan 《 The rest of my life 》 Broadcast .

And yesterday , Shana also made a strong return 《 Happy camp 》, Need to know , Xie Na is called the first sister of mango , Come back after giving birth this time , Shana must also want to hurry in 《 Quick copy 》 Stand firm .

Netizens knew before ,《 Happy camp 》 There is a tradition , That's the TV series starring on this station , Will invite guests to record programs , Play a secondary publicity purpose .

This is also the old tradition of mango station , To this end, everyone is looking forward to Xiao Zhan 、 Yang Zi fit again 《 Happy camp 》 The stage of , It must be , Its ratings are bound to rise .

For Shana's return , There are also many voices on the Internet .

For example, Shana retired to have a baby , But now I'm anxious to record the program before my body recovers , It's really easy to earn money in the entertainment industry .

in addition , Others say , Xie Na is afraid that Zhang Yuqi will replace her position in Hunan Satellite TV , This is the announcement of the return .

Shana's return 《 Quick copy 》, There was also a lot of hype , First, record MV, It's recording back to the first show . And Zhao Liying still pushed off all her other work before she came to help Xie Na record the program . It can be said that the relationship between Xie Na and Zhao Liying is really great !

If ,《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Before the broadcast , Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi can record 《 Quick copy 》, Then I'll meet Shana later .

At the bottom of Xiao Zhan's career , Xie Na took the initiative to help Xiao Zhan speak , Xiaofeixia has always been grateful for this kindness , So if Xie Na and Xiao Zhan cooperate again this time , Xiaofeixia will do their best to contribute to the ratings !

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