Luo Yunxi was injured in filming and was photographed in a wheelchair from work. His fans were distressed!

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luo yunxi injured filming photographed

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Luo Yunxi is a well-known male star in the entertainment circle , He has acted in many film and television dramas , Especially Luo Yunxi in 《 Honey is like frost 》 Play the role of Runyu , It also made him gain a large number of fans .

The delayed change play starring Luo Yunxi and Chen Feiyu 《 Haoyi line 》, Although it hasn't been broadcast yet , It also attracted many fans' attention for the two people . There is a tendency to explode before it is broadcast , I don't know after the broadcast , Can they become “ Top current ”.

In the entertainment world , Luo Yunxi is still very dedicated . In recent days, , A video surfaced on the Internet , In the video, Luo Yunxi was photographed with his right leg in plaster , Work in a wheelchair .

You can see Luo Yunxi wearing a white short sleeved coat , In a wheelchair , There was a gray blanket on his leg . Luo Yunxi doesn't want people to see his injured leg , Cover that leg with a blanket . The staff pushed Luo Yunxi in a wheelchair , Another staff member is responsible for taking an umbrella for Luo Yunxi .

Although in a wheelchair , But Luo Yunxi's state looks very good , I think I can recover soon .

According to fans , Luo Yunxi is filming a TV play 《 Light seekers 》 A rescue scene in the mountains, accidentally injured , Because the road is too slippery on rainy days , Shooting is difficult , Luo Yunxi just fell . After the injury, Luo Yunxi in order not to delay the crew's shooting progress , Still insist on filming with injuries . So to speak , Luo Yunxi is really dedicated .

Fans saw Luo Yunxi injured , Heartache :

“ Luo Yunxi is very dedicated ”“ Why do you get hurt every time? Can the studio and studio have snacks ”“ Alas, I'm so worried ”“ I just hope you don't spell that , Protect yourself, my treasure ”“ Hurt again , Pay attention to safety ”.

“ Dedicated and good actors ”“ Why does every play hurt your feet ”“ Such dedicated actors are rare , Luo Yunxi will recover soon ”“ Hee hee was injured many times in filming , But never say , The years are quiet when they appear in public , I admire his dedication and tenacity ”.

To say , It's not the first time Luo Yunxi's legs and feet have been injured . Two years ago. , Luo Yunxi was also injured in a wheelchair , Let the fans feel distressed for a while . Now Luo Yunxi is injured again , Fans are also very worried .

It's good for actors to be dedicated , But pay more attention to your body . I hope Luo Yunxi will recover soon , Caution! , Don't get hurt again !

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