On the first anniversary of director Chen Musheng's death, the box office of his last work anger broke 900 million, and the film side took working photos

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anniversary director chen musheng death

8 month 23 The first anniversary of director Chen Musheng's death , Today last year, Chen Musheng died of nasopharyngeal carcinoma , At the age of 58 year .

Director Chen Musheng's fans will send a document early in the morning to miss ,“ It's today 2021 year 8 month 23 Japan , He left us just a year , May he be carefree in heaven , Read in the rain , Always love his love ”.

The first anniversary of director Chen Musheng's death coincides with his masterpiece 《 Anger ・ Serious case 》 Is hit ,《 Anger 》 The film side sent three blog posts in succession to miss the director , This is the last time the director has written on the screen “ Love and righteousness ”, Let every audience feel the fire and warmth .

The filmmaker released a preview of the director's editing version , Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse face off angrily , Every war is hearty ,《 Anger 》 On behalf of the audience, the film side thanked director Chen Musheng for creating those light and shadow moments .

meanwhile , The filmmaker took a group of photos of behind the scenes work and missed director Chen Musheng ,“ Choose one thing , Love life . Thirty years of acting , Ambition will never change . The fire in the heart will not go out , Those warm smiles and guidance 、 Those classic works and stories , It will also become the best memory in our hearts . Always remember 、 Pay tribute to Director Chen Musheng ”.

Including director Chen Musheng and Nicholas Tse 、 Creative gags created by Donnie Yen and Qin lan , Director Chen's expression on the set is serious , With white hair, he was in high spirits , I can't see that he was deeply troubled by illness , Once put into the film, you can reach the selfless state .

In the group photo, Chen Musheng is sitting in the front row , A bright smile , The team is strong , In order to shoot a film showing Hong Kong films , It's really hard work , Unfortunately, director Chen Musheng can't witness the achievements of the film , I'm sure he knows .

Inquire from professional channels 《 Anger 》 At the box office , At present, the box office exceeds 9 Billion , The audience has a very good reputation , Praise the wonderful and hot blood of Hong Kong Films .

Actually in 《 Anger 》 Publicity period , Donnie Yen 、 Nicholas Tse and other creators share the behind the scenes story of Chen Musheng's film , The mention of director Chen Musheng was even more tearful , See Chen Musheng's director's chair move out , The scene is out of control , Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen calmed down a little before they began to take photos , Let the audience see tears .

Nicholas Tse recalled his cooperation with Chen Musheng , They worked together six times , Live mourning “ The director's death was a great blow to me , The director , I walked a lot with him , A lot of experience , That makes me willing to give my life for his film ”.

Yen recalls director Chen Musheng's last days , The body is emaciated , After several chemotherapy, I couldn't eat , The haggard Chen Musheng makes everyone very distressed , Nicholas Tse lamented that he would never meet such a good director again , Jackie Chan 、 Wang Jing and other famous directors publicize Chen Musheng's legacy on the platform .

The media interviewed several employees who worked with Director Chen Musheng , They praised the director's dedication , There was no pain at all during the filming , When he leaves, everyone can't accept , Devoted his life to film art , Pay tribute to Director Chen Musheng .

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