Legend of Zhen Huan: it's all Prince Guo's side Fujin. Why can Meng Jingxian get pregnant and huanbi can't?

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legend zhen huan prince guo

Princess Guo is a infatuated man , At the same time, he is also a ruthless person , He is infatuated with Zhen Huan , But ruthless to those who like him , Even so , There are still countless people who love him , He also has two Fujin , One is Xian Fujin , One is Yu Fujin . But after years of marriage , Huanbi, who has always wanted to have a pregnant stomach, doesn't work hard , Didn't give birth to a son , Instead, Meng Jingxian, who was ill, was pregnant with a child , And was born safely , His name is yuanche .

What's going on ? If two people compete fairly , Huan Bi has too many chances of winning than Meng Jingxian , The main reason is , If huanbi learns everything about Zhen Huan , From dressing to speaking and behaving , I'm afraid huanbi will be more like Zhen Huan than Meng Jingxian , And more likely to succeed , She just doesn't want to , She doesn't want to live completely as the shadow of Zhen Huan , Humbly pray for such a little love .

1. Huanbi's awkward temperament

It's easy to blow up when you encounter anything , Always resent the people around you , The woman the king of Guojun likes is considerate , Besides, why can Meng Jingxian sleep , It's entirely because she always imitates Zhen Huan , The king of Guojun regarded her as Zhen Huan , So let her take the lead , First pregnant , Although Huan Bi knows that Princess Guo likes Zhen Huan , But her awkward temper , Leng is unwilling to , Also learn the yurao kind “ I'd rather be unique , Can't be a double ”, But the king of Guojun didn't eat this !

2. Huanbi is not “ Talented girl ”

Fight for favor , You must know what kind of person the king of Guo likes , Huanbi looks good , The mind is also delicate , But she didn't like reading when she was growing up , Even the lively Liuzhu learned to read poetry , But huanbi can't learn , Isn't Zhen Huan willing to teach ? Xiaobian's view is that some of them are like this , Because at that time , A schoolgirl , Instead, I think more , Know more , Although my heart is transparent , But it doesn't mean that they will be happier than normal uneducated people , At this point, huanbi didn't read , This also became the direct reason why the king of Guojun didn't favor her .

3. True love pays attention to matching families

Meng Jingxian in the original works is quite scheming , Since the big marriage , Every day, he pestered the king of Guo with weakness and disease , Huan Bi could not help but make complaints about her , I want to say that this is because huanbi despises the enemy too much , At least Meng Jingxian is also a lady of the family , Don't you know some tricks ? impossible , Huanbi just entered the door , Although valued , But just let her housekeeper , Not a favorite , Meng Jingxian is different , She would rather not be a housekeeper , You should also take good care of your body , First pregnancy , You see Meng Jingxian's perspective on things is different , And her education since childhood is similar to that of the king of Guojun , Therefore, more or less psychologically, it can share the worries for the king of Guojun , And huanbi ? Is to deal with large and small family affairs , But in other things , I really can't say anything .

Meng Jingxian's advantages , Is the education from small to large 、 Look at the different sides of things 、 And she can write poems and songs , And huanbi's biggest weakness is that she doesn't understand the king of Guojun 、 And it's hard to agree with the princess and king in mind , So don't spoil , It's even harder to have a baby ……

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