The annoying "slag father" than Su Daqiang appeared!

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annoying slag father su daqiang

lately , The new play of noon sunshine 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 The launch .

Director Zhang Kaizhou , Representative works 《 War changsha 》《 To know whether 》《 Qingpingle 》, It's famous for its slow pace, but it's pretty good .

Among the stars , Bai Yu 《 The truth of silence 》、 Mao Xiaotong 《 It's only thirty 》、 Zhang Wanyi 《 The age of awakening 》, They are all old friends .

At first glance, the title, the poster , I thought it was a warm family play taking the cure route .

After watching two episodes , People are getting very angry .

《 To know whether 》 Play the role of slag father “ Red Wolf ” My teacher Liu Jun , This time, we live up to expectations .

He became more hated than Su Daqiang Qiao Zuwang , And with “ Big lady ” Liu Lin cooperates , Play her brother-in-law .

Five people and six people , But the properties of slag , But soared in a straight line .

Women have children , be a life-and-death matter , What's more, his wife is still an old woman who has given birth to four children .

But Joe Zuwang didn't have any AC Count , I'm still playing mahjong at this time , Boasting that he looks better than a star on the card table .

Sister in law Liu Lin hurried to the door , He doesn't care :“ Born , Which woman doesn't have children ? It's not the first child .”

I also think she affected my luck .

Finally pull it out , I got on the tricycle comfortably , He also dislikes the long journey .

Don't think about it , The wife can't afford to live in a big hospital nearby , Only with a big stomach , Walk to the cheap health center .

To the place , The neighbor's eldest sister is too anxious , What he desires , Sit down calmly , With two legs up , Drinking tea slowly .

I don't know , I thought it was someone who was on vacation .

To have a fifth child , His wife finally bled and died .

The first thing he thought of was to deny the hospitalization fee , Just don't want to give .

Even told the doctor , Leave the newborn child to pay off the debt .

Boss Joe Yicheng is really tired of listening , I don't want to see him like a ghost , He kicked him to the ground .

If my uncle hadn't come and gave me the money , I don't know how it ends .

Not considerate of the late wife , I can't see the love for my own flesh and blood .

The names of several children , A slap on the head came out .

Ten percent 、 Top two 、 Sanli 、 Four beauties ……

Just born little five , According to the year, he took seven or seven , Be more perfunctory .

I think milk powder and milk are expensive , Let only 10% feed 77 some rice soup .

Later , I don't even want to feed rice soup , It's too much trouble , Directly for a month 7 Dollars to my sister-in-law .

She always cries to her sister-in-law for poverty , He said that if he didn't extend the date of repayment , He took some children to jump into Xuanwu Lake .

After the death of his wife , It seems that there is no pot at home , The children can't even eat a full meal .

Pour some soy sauce into boiling water , Then dip some lard with chopsticks and stir , Just a bowl “ Fairy soup ”.

Finally, there was a bowl of egg soup , Joe Zuwang only picked a few chopsticks and gave them to the children , I ate more than half , From time to time, I grab food from children .

Sanli was bullied by an obscene man , Fortunately, my brothers came back in time , Didn't let the pervert succeed .

But the father , Openly carrying a knife to seek justice , Actually, I want money .

After getting the money , I also want to fool it with a steamed stuffed bun .

Made so many pickles �H things , Joe wants to be a father , The only advantage , Maybe I just don't value boys over girls .

Because he doesn't love anyone , Only love himself .

Compare with Joe Zuwang , Su Daqiang and Xie Guangkun are much more lovable .

Actor Liu Jun is also a level 9 surfer .

As soon as the broadcast started, he set comment permission for his microblog , And keep comforting everyone , Don't be angry .

In this home , Dad is not like dad , Big brother Qiao Yicheng can only be forced to grow up , Take on “ Elder brother is like father ” The responsibility of the .

After Sanli was bullied , See Joe Zu hoping to calm things down , Ten percent insisted on suing the pervert , Let the man sit 3 Years in prison .

After the death of his loving mother , The neighbor said he had a hard heart , Not a drop of tears .

But when I heard someone slander my mother , Grievance is accompanied by anger , Tears can no longer stop .

Obviously, I'm just a child , But I have to get up in the middle of the night to coax the crying 77 , With my second brother on my shoulder .

Report Dad 、 Discipline your brother 、 Stand up for your sister , Small shoulders carry the whole family .

Even the police couldn't help praising :“ Bad bamboo shoots well .”

Of the five children , Ten percent of the personality is the most complex .

Sister is actually very happy , He is not portrayed as a superficial 、 The image of Wei Guangzheng , But a man with secular desires 、 People with their own little thoughts .

When the adult asked him to take the cake back to his brother and sister , He shoved two or three bites of the cake into his mouth .

Selfish ? selfish . But the audience can't hate him at all .

He has to carry everything , But no one thought , He's a kid, too .

He doesn't like Qi Weimin, the eldest son of his uncle's family .

They are all of the same age , Cousin's shoes are always clean , Clothes also fit well .

On the contrary, I've already worn starched shoes , And clothes with short sleeves , It's false to say no to inferiority complex .

therefore , When he talks to his cousin, he looks strange .

The composition written by my cousin appeared in the newspaper , Qiao Yicheng didn't even look , Just cross out his name , Then group the composition into a ball and throw it into the hole in the table ……

Powerlessly maintain , His little self-esteem left .

Except for big brother Qiao Yicheng , The other four children are also very characteristic .

Qiao erqiang , Love eating , Sociable , Very kind .

The Luhua chicken raised by myself unfortunately died , When everyone eats it , He just didn't eat a bite .

Joe Sanli , Be clever and sensible , Understand the plight of the family .

The children lined up for 10% of the soup , Er Qiang said to order lard , Sanli said she didn't want to , It hurts to be good .

Qiao Simei , The ancient spirit is strange and brave , Do what you say .

When the family atmosphere drops to freezing , She also shook a burden , Make everyone laugh .

Even the smallest 77 , When I grow up, I also have my own career .

Although it just aired 3 Set , But it already has the temperament of popular money .

My sister was so angry at Qiao Zu's hope , At the same time, I was moved by several children to have a runny nose and tears .

Look outside , A shabby and Crowded House 、 Wash clothes under the tap 、 Grab a seat with a neighbor in order to dry the quilt …… People dream back to that era .

As a time play ,《 The children of the Qiao family 》 For the last century 70 The ordinary life in the S is described in place .

But the most moving , Or the depiction of family affection .

I heard there was a saying in the original book ―― The so-called family , Is that there is some pain in life , They give each other , But they heal each other .

It probably refers to the essence of family affection , Owe each other , But it can report to the group for warmth .

But my sister is still curious , Will the children reconcile with Joe Zuwang ? How to reconcile ?

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