When the popular idol Kong Xueer's suspected relationship was exposed, the handsome man opened the door with his bag, and the man was exposed for 10 days

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popular idol kong xueer suspected

In recent days, , Some media photographed Kong Xueer and a strange handsome man going in and out of a restaurant at the same time , Two people suspected love exposure .

In the photo , Kong Xueer is wearing a white off shoulder coat and black-and-white trousers , She's wearing a black mask , Heavily armed, they entered a restaurant with the staff . And then , One is wearing a white short sleeved coat and a black-and-white pattern coat , A handsome man wearing a beige fisherman's hat also appeared outside the restaurant , He lingered at the door for a while and then entered the restaurant .

after , Kong Xueer and the handsome guy went to the bar to get together with friends . In the early morning , The handsome man in white comes out of the bar first , Holding Kong Xueer's WHITE Handbag , After he waved to his rear , Kong Xueer followed and came out , Trotting all the way, I came to the car in a hurry .

The man came to the car and gentlemanly helped Kong Xueer open the door and waited for her to get on , I followed her , They left in the same car .

In a moment , They arrived at Kong Xueer's residence and got off the bus together , Kong Xueer still trotted all the way into the building , The handsome man followed him into the building .

After the video is exposed , Many netizens are curious about the identity of the man , Others speculate that the handsome man is also a love bean , It caused a heated discussion among netizens .

after , Some netizens picked out the handsome guy, which is suspected to be a new comer 10 Ma Sihan, a member of the men's group of days , As like as two peas, he had worn identical clothes and shoes in the previous airport maps and modeling , But this is just a guess by netizens , It has not been confirmed yet .

Kong Xueer is a popular member of the active women's League , It has attracted much attention since its debut , Now she was photographed driving in and out of the bar with a strange handsome man , They also returned to Kong Xueer's house together , Suspected love exposure , Attracted everyone's attention .

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