publicity stunt After Zhang Yuqi announced her withdrawal, she interacted frequently with the program group. She was ridiculed and tore her face and sewed it again

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publicity stunt zhang yuqi announced

8 month 23 The morning of , Zhang Yuqi and 《 The love of daughters 》 Official and wechat have successively sent documents to respond to the controversial topic between Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend Li Bingxi . Zhang Yuqi said that both lovers and ordinary friends , Or work partners , See this “ Malicious clips ”, She will still choose to quit the program recording . However, at the end of the article, Zhang Yuqi's tone obviously eased a lot , She said frankly that the past cooperation was beautiful , The future is still willing to be honest .《 daughter 》 Official wechat also responded positively “ Love continues , Good continue , We will continue to ”, It seems that the two sides have cleared their differences , Make up ?

In recent days, , Zhang Yuqi and Xiao 8 A conversation between her boyfriend Li Bingxi in the program triggered a heated discussion on the whole network . Many people praised Zhang Yuqi's soberness after seeing their dialogue , The attitude towards Li Bingxi is very different , Direct Tucao wants to make complaints about resources from the woman's hand , All kinds of questions continue .

In their conversation , Li Bingxi said he wanted to make a film , Zhang Yuqi responded that she could not cover the sky with one hand , Can't help him with anything , And tell each other “ Walking alone is particularly important ”. Because of this conversation , The online malice against Li Bingxi is becoming more and more intense , Originally, the age difference between the two was controversial , Plus the disparity in career , The controversy is even more . So after seeing this conversation , The outside world naturally thinks that Li Bingxi is talking to Zhang Yuqi “ Ask for resources ”.

22 Japan , Li Bingxi and Zhang Yuqi successively issued long articles to respond to this matter . Li Bingxi said frankly that he was about to enter the group to make a film recently , Because it is an ancient costume drama that has never been challenged , So the inexperienced man went straight to “ predecessors ” My girlfriend learned from , But I didn't expect to be misinterpreted by the outside world as myself “ Have a soft meal ”、“ Ask for resources ”.

After that, Zhang Yuqi's response was more direct , She said she also came from a new person , I don't know why giving some advice to my boyfriend has become what the outside world sees “ He reached out , I'm awake ”, Zhang Yuqi is very angry about this . She also said that she has been very happy to cooperate with a certain station so many times , But this time it has become the hype of the program group “ Tools ”, Finally, Zhang Yuqi pointed at the malicious editing of the program group , Also directly announced that he and his boyfriend Li Bingxi quit 《 daughter 4》 The remaining recordings , Maintain your boyfriend's heart at a glance . It can be seen that Zhang Yuqi really likes Li Bingxi , Otherwise, it won't be openly “ Open tear ” Some one .

Just for Zhang Yuqi's practice , Netizens stick to their own words , Some people praised Zhang Yuqi for her true temperament 、 Forthright , And some people say she is “ Love brain ”, Just throw away your resources for your boyfriend .

22 Friday night ,《 daughter 》 Official wechat issued a statement in response to Zhang Yuqi , The tone is much more relaxed than the other party , And said in the next program , The full feature will be broadcast , Interpreted by netizens as suspected denial of malicious editing .

It is estimated that it has been negotiated privately with the program group , Zhang Yuqi's response after , The attitude is obviously not as tough as before , The tone has also become much softer . Then the program team replied to Zhang Yuqi's post, which made people feel that the two sides were indeed “ Let bygones be bygones ” 了 .

After seeing the response from Zhang Yuqi and the program team , All the netizens are fried , Some netizens praised the big pattern of the program group , Some people point out that the two sides are simply to increase the heat of the program hype , Everyone left messages :“ They really think they are hype ”、“ This is tearing the face and sewing it again ”、“ Oh It turned out to be joint speculation … I see I shouldn't have zqsg”、“ Just listen to the official words , What else... Go on , Mango can hold Zhang Yuqi or Li Yuqi, Wang Yuqi ”.

that , Everyone thinks that Zhang Yuqi and 《 daughter 4》 Is it hype ?

To say , Zhang Yuqi had experienced two failed marriages before Li Bingxi , Now, it seems that his relationship with Li Bingxi is not too blessed , This time also because of 《 daughter 4》“ Open tear ” Being ridiculed is a love brain , Passers by lost more or less .

Of course , Anyway, I hope Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi can go on this time , Bless her !

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