Brother through thorns: four brothers seek breakthrough, and three brothers are complacent

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brother thorns brothers seek breakthrough

《 My brother 》 than 《 My sister 》 good-looking , Because my sisters are very obedient , Obey the arrangement of the program group , And also cooperate with the program team to achieve self breakthrough .

And the brothers didn't work so hard , They have “ Burden ” Too heavy , Some are too lazy , Anyway, I just don't want to go out of my comfort zone .

Of course , There are also some brothers , Actively seek breakthroughs , Want to meet more possibilities .

1、 Brother seeking breakthrough

33 Brother , Looking for a breakthrough , In the first place , It must be Chen Xiaochun .

Chen Xiaochun himself said , He doesn't want to come to this program , But because of his wife Ying caier's repeated persuasion , He decided to come .

Come after , Although I said in the oath that I would not practice , But in private, he , Very hard .

1967 Chen Xiaochun, born in , Among these brothers , I'm old . But he didn't rely on his old age , But study hard .

He is not good at Mandarin , But I still told my brothers in Dawan District , Try to communicate in Mandarin .

He'll get along with his brothers , When Zhao Wenzhuo went to Zhouyan's house to find a room , He was there, too , Obviously he went to chat .

He's old, too , But he's not out of group , When the brothers are playing music down there , He was there, too , Sing along 、 Follow and .

Actually , His vocal music and dance have a little foundation , Although not much , But the body is still very coordinated .

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