"Ideal city" ushers in a turning point, the plot is becoming more and more "wild", and the four supporting roles will decide the direction

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ideal city ushers turning point

《 The ideal city 》 At the beginning of the broadcast , I'm not very optimistic .

Even if there are Sun Li and Yu Hewei .

Why? ?

Because the previous domestic workplace drama , already “ Gone with the wind ” Too long in the air .

Eating female bonuses looks ugly , Having a relationship in a different way , Instilling worthless soul chicken soup .

In a word : false .

But my friends who have been chasing the play told me , The show , Really can .

That's it , I went to see the TV play of the construction cost engineer .

It took two days to catch up 24 Set .

Now the update is more than half ,《 The ideal city 》 As Su Xiao was transferred to Yinghai group as deputy chief economist, he began to , The plot has ushered in a big turning point . As can be seen from the trailer behind , The plot is getting more and more interesting “ wild ”.

4 A supporting role , Maybe it will determine the future .

1、 Li Lin Huang .

Xia Ming's uncle Huang Lilin , It shouldn't be a pleasant role in itself .

Why do you say that? ?

The boss of a subsidiary of a construction group , Not to mention his identity , In terms of character , Is a person who always takes his own interests as the best choice , Of course, there's nothing wrong with this .

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