Ruyi biography: is your heart happy after marriage? After giving birth to two children for 10 years, Jiang Taiyi was framed

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ruyi biography heart happy marriage

Ruyi has two close maids around her , One is heart , One is Aru , Ah ruo's fate is really terrible , Experienced cruel cat punishment , Face disfigured , I can't live anymore. I killed myself , The heart is the happiest of all maids in waiting , Just look at lotus heart , Married a father-in-law , You can't raise children all your life , And suffer great humiliation , So Xinxin married love , It's what everyone wants to see .

The heart is gone, Liuzhu , Ah Ruo didn't go, huanbi .

A man of heart , It can be highlighted when Ruyi enters the cold palace , Really a good loyal servant , On the contrary, the close maid who had been with her for more than ten years betrayed herself , My heart is like Yi when I enter the hidden residence , The emperor set it up , As long as it's with “ heart ” Your maid of honor , They are all girls from the emperor's dive residence , Such as heart 、 Lotus heart 、 Lixin, wait , Heart and mind are the main , After Ruyi was wronged , Prove her innocence , That's a lost leg , Also met the childhood sweetheart Jiang Yubin , I want to marry her immediately after she hurt her leg , Although Ruyi is reluctant , But for heart's lifetime happiness , Nature wants to send her to marry .

In the days to come , The heart often goes into the palace , For example, when canonizing the queen , My heart went into the palace to congratulate , But because Ruyi became the queen , Career has been going downhill , Wei ChenWan is gradually emerging as a top , Give Ruyi a cold arrow in the open and in the dark , Combat effectiveness cannot be underestimated , Finally, he became the strong enemy of all Ruyi teams , As one can imagine , A little maid like Wei ChenWan can hang and beat a group of people ?

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