Mai Li P's mother and daughter went out to see a doctor. At the age of 13, Ai Ma was very tall. Xiao Wen danced with her sister

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mai li mother daughter went

8 month 23 Japan , A gossip photographer broke the news that he had photographed mai �P The picture of carrying a pair of girls out of the street . Morning appointment 8 P.m. , Mayi �P The mother and daughter drove out of a community in Shanghai in a white nanny car , about 15 Minutes to reach the destination ( The hospital ), After getting off the bus, the three people walk to the clinic Hall , I must have come here today to check my body !

In the exposure picture , See only 45 Year old mai �P Wearing a floral dress , With a neat chestnut short hair ; From the back , Tall and slim , Pull out a small waist . yesterday (22) And paparazzi squatting to mai �P Get out of the gym , The figure who hurried back home , Compare your figure with your back , You can be sure it's mai �P Master !

The mother and daughter walked to the gate of the hospital , Mayi �P Enter the building alone , Leave two girls waiting outside . Maybe the waiting time is too long , Wearing a pink suit 、 A small article with a horsetail , A little impatient , Then he pestered his sister ( Love horse ) Coquettish should dance and play together , Kill time .

In the face of my sister's pleading and naughty , There is no way to love a horse. I don't want to spoil the fun , So I promised him “ Fighting dance ” requirement . That's it , The sisters stood in front of the glass mirror of the building, twisting their hips , The picture is harmonious and funny ; My sister loves horses, but she was born in Latin dance , She has dancing skills , Every move exudes elegance and beauty , Xiaowen also follows behind his ass to learn , I can't help laughing !

About 20 Minutes later , Mai, who cares about the two girls �P After the quick visit , Step out quickly and meet your daughters . period , Only mai �P Holding several paper checklists in one hand , Put one hand on the shoulder of the eldest daughter's horse , Mother and daughter whispered , The relationship is quite harmonious and intimate ; The young girl Xiaowen is lively and active , Is the first to take charge “ Lead the way ”!

From the exposure photos , Love horse day (23) Wearing white short sleeves T T-shirt with matching color super shorts , A pair of big long legs are inherited from mai �P Good genes . Less than a month , Love horse is coming 13 birthday , The little girl is very tall , The storm pumped up , Basically with mom mai �P(164cm) The height is flat .

I believe it won't take long , If you love a horse, you will surpass mai �P height , Articles with Dad (172cm) Generally high . Earlier this month. , Some netizens have occasionally encountered the picture of taking their eldest daughter's horse to participate in the Latin Dance Competition , At that time, standing under the stage waiting for the horse , Wearing short high heels , Stand with Dad , Just a little shorter than the article !

After the day's consultation , Mayi �P My two daughters went home , Go straight to the nanny waiting by the road . The young girl Xiaowen walked in front and jumped on the bus first , My sister loves horses ( Wen Junzhu ) Followed by a seat , Finally, mai �P Just get on the bus and ride home , The picture is warm .

It is reported that , Mayi �P With the article in 2019 year 7 month 28 Japanese official declaration of divorce ,11 The marriage between husband and wife officially ended in , The custody of a pair of daughters belongs to the woman , The man has absolute visitation rights . After divorce , Mayi �P Come back and make a scene , Raising two girls alone , Single mother, mother and father , It's very difficult !( Picture source network , Infringement must be deleted )

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