Chen Kun's mother was rarely exposed. She was tightly held by her grandson Chen Zunyou. Her eyelids were obvious and her skin was super smooth

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chen kun mother rarely exposed.

In recent days, , Chen Kun's son Chen Zunyou uploaded a photo of hugging his grandmother on his personal social account , You want to say :2021, Grandma and I .

In the photo, Chen Zunyou turns his back to the camera , Hold grandma tightly , Chen Zunyou's strong figure is in sharp contrast to his grandmother , Hug grandma like a bear , It looks very intimate , It can be seen that the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very close and harmonious .

Chen Kun's mother has 70 Year old , But he has the face and temperament of his son Chen Kun , In this photo , Although she was blocked by her grandson Chen Zunyou , Only show your eyes and hair , But it's obvious that she has obvious double eyelids , The hair is also very dark and thick , Smooth and fair skin .

As Chen Kun's only son , Chen Zunyou has been studying abroad before , After returning home not long ago, he has been playing with his father, cousin and others , I can't wait to take a group photo with grandma this time , It can be seen that he is very excited to see his long-awaited grandmother , Chen Kun's mother also loves her grandson very much .

Earlier, Chen Zunyou took a group photo with grandma on his social platform , The grandparents and grandchildren laughed happily in front of the camera .

Chen Kun is also very concerned about his mother , I once copied Buddhist scriptures with my mother in order to be safe and smooth , In a group photo with my mother , Mother and son are very close , Chen Kun made a funny expression to make his mother happy , It can be seen that even people in their 40s , You can still be like a child around your mother .

Chen Kun's parents divorced in his early years , I've been living with my mother , Have suffered setbacks in life , When I was on the program, I talked about my father's remarriage , The newly formed family is very indifferent to themselves , Chen Kun is also very sad about this , Later, after having his son Chen Zunyou , Who is the child's biological mother has never been known , It is believed that this is also related to his childhood experience .

But that's why , Chen Kun has a very good relationship with his mother , The experience of mother and son depending on each other also makes Chen Kun and his son Chen Zunyou treat his mother with great respect .

The ancients said : Filial piety is the most important of all virtues , Chen Kun's mother took pains to raise him , Now Chen Kun is a first-line male star , It has a great influence in the entertainment industry , The old man finally enjoyed his son's return , Such family happiness , The good life of enjoying the welfare of all people is really enviable .

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