The 95 year old British queen is revealed to be suing Harry Megan: the queen has had enough and wants them to stop

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year old british queen revealed

According to foreign media 23 Reported Wednesday , Queen Elizabeth II is going to sue Prince Harry and Megan ・ Marcel , The reason is that the queen is dissatisfied with the two people's exposure of the royal family on the program , At the same time, I'm worried that Harry will , Blasphemy against the queen and members of the royal family .

According to the 《 The Sun 》 According to ,95 The - year-old queen is consulting a lawyer , Prepare for possible legal disputes , They are very concerned about what Harry writes in his memoirs , Talking to companies with expertise in defamation and privacy .

A royal source told the media “ The feeling from the top is enough .” The woman was angered by constant attacks , They have reached the critical point , Limited affordability , The queen wants the Harrys to stop .

Harry announced earlier that he had written a memoir 《 The Queen's platinum Jubilee 》, The book will be published next year , Shocked the British royal family .

36 Prince Harry is the second son of Charles and Diana, the eldest son of the queen , When Harry was young, the news kept on , Once published nude photos 、 Smoking marijuana was sent to rehab and so on , But the royal family did not abandon him , Until he married American actress Megan .

40 Although Megan has a history of marriage , But still let the little prince indulge , After their marriage, they both entered the royal family , But Megan, who yearns for freedom , Soon encouraged her husband to quit the royal family , Leave England with his son , Recently gave birth to another daughter .

The two were therefore cut off from financial support by the royal family , Only the mother's inheritance can sustain high expenses , So it's just “ self-reliance ”.

They were recently interviewed , It was revealed that there was racial discrimination within the royal family , Prince Charles is indifferent , This makes the relationship between father and son tense , Harry openly criticized his father , Claim that you don't want to be like your father , In the royal family “ Tool man ”.

This April , The Queen's husband Prince Philip died , Harry's relationship with the royal family has only eased slightly , He returned to England alone , Attend grandpa's funeral , Was photographed with his father 、 Brother William walked side by side and talked .

According to foreign media , Although Harry's behavior disappointed the dead Prince Philip , But he still took Harry 、 Megan kept it in 2.7 On the list of 100 million regrets , There is no exclusion of the two .

Clinker Harry and Megan are getting worse , Plan to bring up the old story again , After Diana died 24 Interviewed on the eve of the anniversary , More active contact with host Oprah , Threatened to release heavy news .

Harry previously said , Megan couldn't adapt to the rules of the royal family , Because of racial discrimination, I once thought of suicide , She said she didn't want Harry to lose another woman in his life , Just choose to live , They hit it off immediately , Announced his withdrawal from the royal family , At one time, it caused a great disturbance , Accused since Diana's death , The biggest public relations crisis facing the royal family .

8 month 4 The day is Megan 40 birthday , The royal family released goodwill , Including the queen of England 、 Father in law Charles 、 Uncle William sent a document to print the picture , Bless Megan 40 Happy birthday .

How did you expect that the good times would not last long , Harry and Megan are trying to win sympathy and attention , Do it again .

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