9 hosts appeared in ancient costumes and made a hot search: aesthetic, you can always trust "Yang dad"

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hosts appeared ancient costumes hot

8 month 22 Early in the morning ,“ CCTV 9 A host appeared in ancient costume ” Top search .

It's rare “ Yang Dad ” A high profile , Many netizens are very supportive , Click in and have a look , It was amazing in an instant .

This is a 《 Central young Summer of the year 》“ Ice moon cake team ” The stage show .

As the music slowly sounded , CCTV 9 The hosts came into the audience's view one after another , When the light changes , The hosts instantly put on their ancient clothes .

I'm used to seeing these hosts dignified 、 A serious look , The appearance of ancient costume is really refreshing .

Yes , It's refreshing , The hosts are not only dressed in ancient clothes , I also introduce myself with the etiquette of the ancients , Poetry, songs and Fu are even more handy .

Ma fanshu 、 Guo ruotan 、 Wang Bingbing's appearance was as graceful as a shock , If flying wan .

Three people hold a folding fan , Or take an oil paper umbrella , Or take flowers , Under the reflection of the light, the clothes flutter , The audience seemed to be in a fairyland .

“ Yang Dad ” It not only interprets the graceful elegance of ancient women , It also shows their temperament that women are not equal to men .

Li Zimeng holds a sword , A strong suit , People can't help but think of Hua Mulan's valiant and heroic posture of joining the army for her father .

Like Li Zimeng , Green bubble also holds a sword in his hand , Dressed in ancient clothes, he , With a mettlesome and handsome bearing , in high spirit .

Sister moon and He Wei quoted Li Bai's 《 Drink in 》, To express heroic and uninhibited .

“ You must be happy in life , Don't empty the golden cup to the moon ”、“ Five flower horse , A thousand furs , Hoo'er is going out for a good drink ”, It reminds people of the forthright atmosphere of poetic immortals .

Haiyang is strong and bookish , The lofty and proud posture of scholars leaps on the stage .

Not the kui is a “ Yang Dad ”, people 、 The props 、 stage 、 The background is one ;

appearance 、 The typhoon 、 Fixed point 、 Make up 、 Manners 、 Conversation 、 dress , Just right ;

Such a beautiful stage , Covering a wide range of businesses , Collocation 、 rhythm 、 Action design , Even the pace is just right , One click dressing is flawless .

As netizens say , This is not cultural confidence , Obviously, it is culture .

To say , CCTV has been holding the aesthetic part tightly . Every activity party , Every variety show , It's an audio-visual feast .

Far do not say , Just say 2020 The Mid Autumn Festival party in , It's still unforgettable in retrospect .

At the time , The main venue of the Mid Autumn Festival party is set in Luoyang, Henan Province , The party has followed the textual structure for many years .

It is divided into : order 《 The moon rises 》、 Part 1 《 perfect as blooming and full moon 》、 medium-length 《 Where is the village 》、 The next part 《 Home and country 》 And the end 《 The moon on the sea 》.

In order to bring different visual feelings to the audience , The party will space 、 Integrate the environment , For the first time 360 Super high appearance panoramic water stage .

Tianmen 、 Mingtang 、 Heaven and other real scenes and huge LED Combined with the screen , Every frame presented , They are all beautiful pictures .

Pavilions, terraces and open halls 、 Bridges 、 A bright moon hung high in the sky , Both set off the festive atmosphere , And inherited the feelings of family and country .

The combination of real scene and high technology , You have to be thorough , Can be presented aesthetically ,“ Yang Dad ” The details of the party were handled skillfully and carefully .

In order to ensure the stage effect , The sound is hidden ;

In order not to disturb the residents , After measuring and calculating the site , Ensure that the speaker is projected onto the stage very accurately ;

In order to give the audience a more real audio-visual experience , The sound of rowing 、 The sound of running water has also been specially treated .

The program arrangement and overall style of the party complement each other .

《 Mountains and rivers 》《 Shepherd song 》《 Mulan Poetry 》《 Jingyuesi 》 Such as ancient style, full of charm , clothing 、 Music score 、 background 、 Props show Chinese style everywhere .

Such a unique Mid Autumn Festival Party , The audience was full of praise .

In the twinkling of an eye, the Mid Autumn Festival comes again , It's just “ CCTV 9 A host appeared in ancient costume ” The day before boarding the hot search , CCTV official announced 2021 The Mid Autumn Festival party was held in Xichang City, the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province .

From the posters that have been aired , The party is still based on traditional culture .

comparison 2020 The Mid Autumn Festival party in , This time, CCTV made another breakthrough and innovation , Combine the virtual with the real 、 Ancient and modern 、 The ingenious transformation between far and near , Create a panoramic stage with a sense of future .

Such a visual impact party , I'm looking forward to it .

CCTV's variety shows and parties have one thing in common , That is, in addition to focusing on the content itself , Pay more attention to cultural communication and cultural inheritance .

This is also the reason why CCTV has always been deeply loved .

take 《 Central young Summer of the year 》 Come on , This program is the anchor new media talent show launched by CCTV , It is intended to show the dazzling talents outside the host's career through the program .

Speak up , Namely “ CCTV host show ”, And “ Star reality show ” similar .

Of course , Don't look at the same “ Show ”,《 Central young Summer of the year 》 But it's more than one grade higher .

General “ Star reality show ” Target audience , It's a gimmick 、 topic of conversation , and “ Yang Dad ” Of “ Host show ”, Focus on the connotation .

By hosting people's talent show , Let the audience deepen and further understand the traditional culture .

This is it. “ Yang Dad ”, About aesthetics , You can always believe it , About carrying forward Chinese culture , Can always follow .

Now a popular word is “ Internal volume ”, I sincerely hope that all satellite TV stations will follow in the footsteps of CCTV , rapid “ Open book ”.

My great China , Clothing, food, housing and transportation are all culture and art , Attention should be paid to 、 To inherit 、 To spread , Do not act at this time , when ?

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