Fang Zuming was destroyed once, and Guo Qilin made extraordinary achievements. What's the difference between Jackie Chan's education and Guo Degang's education?

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fang zuming destroyed guo qilin

The role of father plays a very important role in the growth of children , Many times it can even affect a child's life .

Guo Qilin's “ Calculation ”

Last year , Guo Qilin shines brightly , Career to the top , From crosstalk to actors , stay 《 Celebrate more than 》 It's a great performance , Loved by the audience , Very popular .

Guo Qilin is the kind of person who knows more and likes more , Not only deep into their own business , Human behavior , There is no rich second generation shelf , At Deyun Club , Although other senior brothers call him “ a young master ”, But it's just a name , Guo Qilin has no right , Even more bitter than other senior brothers .

Guo Qilin also has a little , It's something other rich second generation don't have , Money is always calculated , Not reckless , The house I rented in Beijing is just an ordinary house outside the Fourth Ring Road , He felt that he could not afford a house in Beijing in his twenties, which was not a shame at all , His creed in life is , Make your own money and spend your own money . Although his father Guo Degang was rich , But that's what my father earned on his own , Do not belong to their own .

Jaycee Chan ruined his future

There is also a childe in the circle. At the beginning, it can be said that he was very popular , But because of a moment of confusion, he went astray , Ruined his life , This is Jaycee chan .

Jaycee Chan's son , It can be said that he was born with a halo , I was born with everything others dream of , Jaycee Chan's own conditions are good , Very popular , It should be said that my life has been smooth , But what happened later .

Poor Jackie Chan is strict with himself all his life , At the same time, he is the anti drug Ambassador , But I don't want my son to go this way . Jackie Chan is proud of himself all his life , Bow your head and apologize for your son , And for my son , Put down your face and find some fresh meat to play in his film , Just to pave the way for my son .

Also the rich second generation , Also have such a good father , Their lives and personalities are quite different , What's the problem ?

Jackie Chan's education

Jackie Chan was a hidden marriage , So after my son was born , For a long time , Can't admit that he is Jackie Chan's son , Jaycee Chan's name lasted until 6 I can't say who my father is .

Jackie Chan is very busy , I seldom accompany my son when he grows up , He can only make up for his absence with materials , As long as the son wants , Jackie Chan will do anything to satisfy his son .

Jaycee Chan is very angry , Also very talented , Jackie Chan wrote in his autobiography : He wants to surpass me most , But I told him , It's unlikely , He was devastated .

have high aspirations 、 Talented , But this did not achieve Jaycee chan , Because of my father's absence , The son's has formed an addictive character , Finally, I took a detour .

It can be said that Jackie Chan's doting and absence , Became a dark line , Jaycee's wrong choice has something to do with his parents' Education .

Guo Degang's “ Tutor ”

Like Jackie Chan , Rely on your unremitting efforts , Guo Degang has made remarkable achievements in crosstalk , alike , Guo Degang has been busy with his career , No time for my son .

After divorcing my ex-wife , Guo Qilin has been following his grandparents , But Guo Degang's tutoring is very strict , Although he has everything , But he told his son , What do you want , Must through their own efforts .

Every time Guo Degang set a goal for his son , For example, recite a passage , Or help grandparents do things , Only when the task is completed , To get what you want , This educational method deeply influenced Guo Qilin , Finally, he developed the habit of diligence and thrift , At the same time, I have developed the character of getting what I want through my own efforts .

Guo Qilin and Jaycee Chan have different names , Jaycee's goal is to surpass his father , And Guo Qilin said from the beginning , Try again in time , Not up to my father's height , He felt as long as he followed , I'm already satisfied .

Two kinds of Education , Achieved two different lives , It also tells all parents , Can not unconditionally meet the child , Let children know from an early age “ There is something to be gained from work ”, Get what you want through your efforts and efforts , Never expect your parents to give you everything unconditionally .

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