Once a goddess, she was once reduced to the 18th tier commercial performance, and now she has a strong return with sound in its territory

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goddess reduced 18th th tier

“ Not every inspirational quote has become a legend , Not every effort can gain , But these are not enough to shake our pursuit of dreams ”. There are always many bumps on the road to success , But when something bad happens , Never be easily depressed and give up , Because opportunity may disguise as misfortune to test us , The key is how we deal with .

Zhang Hanyun is the idol of many people in their youth , stay 2004 year , Participate in Hunan Satellite TV 《 Super girl 》 Won the third place in the national finals , Make an official debut , At that time, Zhang Hanyun's voice on the Internet was very high , Become the player with the highest online voting rate , After her debut, she sent Zhang Hanyun , Advertising endorsements took many shots , At that time, Zhang Hanyun only had 15 year , Everyone thinks her future is unlimited ,2005 year , He released his first album ,《 I'm Zhang Hanyun 》, And won the championship in the sales of Chinese records , The national record sales are up to 80 Thousands of copies , But after that , It's like there's no particularly good work to meet you . That's the way it is in showbiz , You don't make progress , Is to step back , Others begin to catch up with and surpass you .

Zhang Hanyun disappeared from the entertainment circle for some time , Later on 2010 year , a song 《 Sweet and sour is me 》 High profile comeback , This comeback is a new beginning for Zhang Hanyun , Say goodbye to the youth and lovely style of the past , Start taking the sexy wild route , But because Zhang Hanyun's lovely image before is too popular , It's not easy to transform , So she's not as hot as she was when she came back again .

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