Zhang Yuqi's domineering "protecting her husband"! Shelling program, evil scissors, public quarrel with mango station

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zhang yuqi domineering protecting husband

Entertainment stars often have “ persona ”, Mention Zhang Yuqi , Everyone will think of Meiyan for the first time 、 The forward 、 High cold , And those who dare to love and hate “ Tough ” character . Zhang Yuqi angrily denounced the big play maliciously edited by mango station , stay 8 month 22 On the evening of the day , Ushered in a new turning point .

Zhang Yuqi is with her boyfriend 《 The love of daughters 》 A paragraph in this paragraph has aroused heated discussion among netizens , Zhang Yuqi 22 On the afternoon of the th, he sent a document saying that he was maliciously edited by the program group , After announcing that he will quit recording the rest of the program with his boyfriend ,

Mango stage 《 The love of daughters 》 You're listening to 22 A statement was issued on the evening of the th in response to .

First of all, thank Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi for their input in the program . It is also said that the two discussed career planning in the program recording is very positive and positive , These contents will also be fully presented in the main film of the next program .

The response was wonderful , Face Zhang Yuqi's front hand and tear , Mango station's response was four or two kilos , I didn't tear my face with Zhang Yuqi , The response is soft with hard , You said I was a malicious clip , My response to your discussions is positive and positive , You said the show made my little boyfriend sad , I responded that the next issue of the positive will be presented in full , It means there's nothing to be wronged .

Li Bingxi said the cause of the incident was that they sat on the sofa and talked after a busy day , It mentioned that he had just entered a crew to shoot , Because it's a new field , That's why I learned from the elder Zhang Yuqi . And face your girlfriend “ Walk independently ” Answer , Li Bingxi said that she is really sober in the world , I agree very much .

The meaning of these words is very simple , Li Bingxi wanted to show that he didn't eat soft food , I don't want to rely on my girlfriend and want to get some career “ welfare ”, It's just an ordinary heart to heart conversation , Couples help each other answer questions and solve doubts , Dispel emotions .

For this response , Online reviews are mixed , Some people think that Li Bingxi did get some career development opportunities by relying on Zhang Yuqi , Let him choose to walk independently . Others think his acting will not develop well , Still focus on your music career .

Zhang Yuqi quit 《 The love of daughters 4》, Do you think it's love brain or true nature ?

I like a comment from fans ,“ Make a good film , Only career is your own . As for love , It's fun when you're happy , If you are unhappy, just the next paragraph , Don't hesitate to ”.

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