55 year old Wen Bixia's recent photo exposure: properly maintained, white skin without any wrinkles

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8 month 22 Japan , Wen Bixia posted a news about dinner with her friends on her personal social platform , And a caption said :“ Shenzhen is becoming more and more beautiful , The time when friends get together is the happiest ,Happy together, Happy weekend .”

In the photo , Wen Bixia is wearing a long yellow dress with suspenders , Wearing an oversized sun hat , The whole person looks gentle and temperament . I saw Wen Bixia sitting on the ground barefoot , Put your hands around your knees , The corners of the mouth rose slightly and burst into a sweet smile , Looks in good shape .

In another picture , Wen Bixia took a group photo with many friends . Wen Bixia sat in front with her mobile phone in her hand , Friends smiled at the camera . In the picture , Wen Bixia's skin is white and bright , I can't even see a wrinkle , The maintenance is very good .

7 month 30 Japan , It's Wen Bixia's birthday , She held her own... With her friends 55 A birthday party for . On that day, Wen Bixia wore a bra wedding dress , Wearing a green wreath and a white veil , Curly hair with fine makeup . Skin care is very tight , Slender limbs , There's no slack and fat at all .

It is reported that , Wen Bixia as an actor , Has created many classic characters . For example, with Chen Haomin and others 《 Granting titles to gods 》 Play Daji in , With Gu Tianle and others 《 Moon machete 》 As Qin Keqing , All left a deep impression on the audience . Some even call Wen Bixia's version of Daji “ The most beautiful Daji ”, The perfect combination of charm and purity , It is true that only the version of Daji Wen Bixia has done it .

Although Wen Bixia has faded out of the performing arts circle , But often active on social platforms to expose their daily , It can be seen that her life is very colorful .

Wen Bixia is also called by netizens “ The goddess of youth ”, More than 50 years old is still so sexy and charming , Whether it's body or skin management , Wen Bixia did quite well , It is still charming .

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