Hot search on "exiting the program recording for her boyfriend": Zhang Yuqi's "Gang", no one praised this time

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hot search exiting program recording

Zhang Yuqi announced her withdrawal 《 The love of daughters 4》 The program was recorded .

From text to text , You can also feel full of anger , It can be seen that her heart , How unacceptable is it that my little boyfriend has been misunderstood .

“ I just give some objective advice to people around me , How did he reach out , I'm awake …… I didn't expect that one day I would become a tool for making malicious editing of topics , Forgive me, I can't accept such behavior , I even regret bringing Miss Li to this program , Get hurt like this .”

She said Miss Li , It's my boyfriend Li Bingxi , Smaller than Zhang Yuqi 8 year , They were photographed walking hand in hand some time ago , A friend asked Zhang Yuqi quietly :“ Is it true that what was photographed on the Internet ?”

Zhang Yuqi didn't avoid , Nod the head :“ Is true .”

friend :“ Then you don't declare ?”

Zhang Yuqi laughed :“ Such thing , No one asked me , I can't just say it .”

She is still very protective of her boyfriend , I don't want to expose their feelings to the public , But she is not a character to hide , suffer 《 The love of daughters 》 Program invitation , She came with her boyfriend .

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