When beautiful girls go out in summer, choose a small white skirt to easily show their mature charm!

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beautiful girls summer choose small

Small white skirt can be said to be a popular item every year , I haven't been out of the hot list all year round , As a girl, there must be . White is gentle and pure, with the elegance and comfort of a short skirt , It's impossible to refuse , So today's protagonist must choose a small white skirt , Easy to show mature charm .

The little white skirt is really cute ! gentle , mature , The Royal elder sister is to wear a short skirt with a slim figure ! About... In the thigh 10cm, It can repair big and long legs , It won't go away , Stay away from embarrassing moments . Smooth lines , The front and back vertical lines are designed , Visual thinning .

I didn't dare wear square collar clothes before , Feel like space , It's not very nice , Now I love it ! The retro square collar makes me feel a little delicate , Become the hand picked item of many popular stars . The item that can show the collarbone is really great , It's really friendly to Jimei who wants to wear hair . Because hair will make the neck shorter visually , But it can also modify the face , Play the role of a small face , It's really hard to do both . however , Today we wear a small skirt with a square collar , You can have it perfectly at the same time ! It's really fragrant !

The main color is white , Plus the bag of metal chain . The whole looks very harmonious . White is the main color of this dress , White bags and clothes echo , The metal chain echoes with the shoes . Magnetic buckle switch , Big letter design , A sense of sophistication .

Gold pointed shoes , Metal sense max. A white skirt with white shoes is a little monotonous , A shiny pointed shoe , You can have a good arch , And slim legs , Jimei, which has never tried, really wants to try ! Open the door to a new world .

Jimei, which walks more , To avoid hurting your feet , It's best to choose shoes with low and medium heels . It can also reduce some sharpness for shoes , More gentle . If you want to participate in more formal activities such as cocktail parties, you can choose high-heeled shoes , More Aura !

Besides, small accessories , Accessories really make people feel very exquisite , The impression is very get! A set of collocations without accessories is really almost interesting no matter how beautiful it is . The choice of accessories is nothing more than a ring , earrings , Hand catenary , watch , The necklace , Clavicle chain or something . Oh , Hairdressing Jimei , It's also a good choice to wear the hair circle on your hand , Practical and beautiful ! however , Never too much ! Like today, choose a silver necklace , Trim your neck , And a lady's watch , Not too much , And exquisite .

Maybe you were amazed at the first sight of this dress , The style is so simple , But it has such great charm , Even an old aunt can easily learn , What else are you hesitating about ?

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