Christy Chung takes photos of her daughters late at night. Her sister shows off more than her mother, and her sister has a supermodel face

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christy chung takes photos daughters

1 / 8 Last night, , After attending her daughter's fashion show , As a mother, Christy Chung took photos and wrote for her two daughters on her microblog : I'm so happy , Are my two daughters good ,Slay. I can see you , Christy Chung, who is watching the show off the stage, can't hide her excitement and joy . this , Both her daughters took part in the fashion event T Stage show , On twitter , We also see that her daughters have changed their surnames , It is named Zhang Kailin and Zhang Sijie , With his stepfather Zhang lunshuo, his surname is Zhang . It seems , Christy Chung still loves her husband , At the same time, it also broke the previous rumors of breaking up .

2 / 8 As a sister, Zhang Kailin , That's what we remember “ Little koala “ Interview in pink . Before, koala and Zhang lunshuo participated in the parent-child variety show , So the audience is already familiar with her . Walking in T Taichung , We found that koalas have grown up a lot , Not only has he grown taller , Even the aura in your eyes has changed . Even wearing sunglasses can't stop her firm eyes through the end of the lens , You can avoid stage fright at a young age , Step on the cloth and walk like a mold , As the saying goes “ I have a girl growing up in my family ”.

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