Sun Li COS is a little ugly girl with aura in her wild nature. Her pants are perfect after changing

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sun li cos little ugly

In the eyes of many people , The existence of Sun Li has always been the image of a veteran cadre . Over the years, she has brought us many classic works , But the external image has always been regular short hair , So the overall feeling tends to be neutral , The exquisite facial features are amazing at first sight . See the past for the second time , Feel very charming . I am a very beautiful and famous woman .

Besides , Sun Li has two children this year , Age is no longer young , It's obviously not appropriate to take the girl route or some other route . however , It's very surprising that , Sun Li recently cos Got an ugly girl , This really makes many netizens boiling , Because this is the first time to see Sun Li try this route , But I don't know whether it's a surprise or a shock .

But after reading the picture . Bian Xiao thinks it's obvious , This person's feeling is a surprise . Say nothing of , This time, ,C . O . S And the ugly girl in the original film really has the same wonderful thing . They all have big eyes . They looked very impressive , It's wild, too . So this pair of eyes can be said to attract everyone as a whole , The silver white ponytail and shape can be regarded as highly restored .

The only pity , Probably the original 《 Ugly woman 》 Wearing sexy shorts , Hot body , It's beautiful . But Sun Li's style is more conservative , In recent years, she has never seen anything sexy in her acting circle . therefore , This time, , Super shorts were replaced with a pair of pants . Pants feel a little cumbersome , But it's also good . At least in so many Cosplay Ugly girl , Bian Xiao thinks Sun Li is the most recovered , And the most beautiful .

Besides, Sun Li , Jin Chen has also tried this role . however , I don't know whether it's because of collocation or other reasons . I always think Jin Chen is a little fat , The overall feeling is tacky . Too much makeup , I can't see Jin Chen's original appearance at all . In fact, Jin Chen has a good foundation , That's what makes it more attractive .

There is also a female star, as everyone knows . She is Guan Xiaotong. To tell the truth , in fact , Before Bianxiao , I can't appreciate it . Guan Xiaotong's face value . I always think Guan Xiaotong is a little too mature , But the ugly girl looks really amazing . Not only sexy , And charming . Guan Xiaotong's long legs are her highlight . After putting on silk stockings , It's really more amazing .

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