Gao Yuanyuan appears in a backless dress! Hold up three microphones for the interview and grab the mirror with gold stickers on your arms

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gao yuanyuan appears backless dress

In recent days, , A group of photos of Gao Yuanyuan appearing in an activity were exposed on the Internet . Gao Yuanyuan in the photo is wearing a long black backless skirt , Reveal exquisite clavicle and superior back line , The back of the skirt is hollowed out , Showing obvious butterfly bones , Elegant and charming , Many netizens praised it again and again .

In the live pictures exposed by the media , Gao Yuanyuan stood next to the host with a bright smile , Hold three microphones in your hands for media interviews . What you can see is , Her appearance under the birth picture is still very online , Comb the domineering back , The skin on the face is firm and smooth , In good shape .

In the infield , Gao Yuanyuan first sat with his friends and talked and laughed . When you start talking on the stage , Gao Yuanyuan stands under the stage with his head held high under the netizen's lens , Cross your hands on your chest , Beautiful figure , The gold sticker on the arm is very eye-catching .

besides , Gao Yuanyuan himself also posted a group of photos of visiting the attic on the social platform , In the photo, Gao Yuanyuan stands under a piece of red lanterns , The light reflected by the lantern is set against the tall and round face , Make the skin white to glow , The whole person is integrated with the environment , It looks cold .

meanwhile , Netizens who saw Gao Yuanyuan's photos were surprised by her exquisite appearance , Leave messages one after another to praise Gao Yuanyuan's temperament , Many netizens directly call Gao Yuanyuan the goddess .

According to the pictures exposed at the scene , already 41 Year old Gao Yuanyuan can still maintain such a good-looking appearance and high-quality figure , It's really laudable , No wonder so many netizens call her goddess .

Maybe many people first knew Gao Yuanyuan when she was 《 The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 》 Zhou Zhiruo's beautiful ancient costume , Unique temperament , Let everyone deeply remember this refined female star .

And then , Gao Yuanyuan also shot many works in succession , image 《 You were smiling, but I cried 》、《 Doctor and knight 》、《 Cyan red 》、《 The first day 》、《 Baby plan 》、《 The fission of the Qin Empire 》、《 Let's get married 》、《 Blind detective 》 And so on have achieved good results .

For many years , Although Gao Yuanyuan has shot many works , But people don't often see her on the screen , But it doesn't affect everyone's love for her , Because in addition to the works , She often appears in various public welfare activities , Beautiful and loving , People can't help being attracted to her .

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