No brain, ignorance, no bottom line, three no net red "iron mountain" has been granted the title, cool is not unjust at all

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brain ignorance line red iron

online celebrity “ Iron mountain depends on ” Be sealed . After seeing the news , Clap your hands on the Internet .

Before that , Many net celebrities have been blocked for trampling on the bottom line . Including Mr. Wang Hongguo , There are also human high-quality men, Xu qingen and others , Once became very popular with the culture of judging ugliness , In the end, he got the punishment he deserved .

This time, “ Iron mountain depends on ”, According to the official notification of the platform , The main reason is because of vulgarity , Once because I trampled on the bottom line many times , The live studio has been interrupted or banned for more than 100 times . As a result, he still goes his own way , Never correct your problems , Finally, the result of the ban , It's all asking for trouble .

Maybe some people are not familiar with iron mountain, relying on this number of network popularity , Who the hell is .

The reason why net popularity can become popular , They all have their own expertise “ Good play ”. Some people make a fool of themselves , Some people rely on their feminine image , Some people use swearing to attract attention , So as to achieve the purpose of becoming popular and making money .

Simply speaking , Tieshankao is an online celebrity who became famous by swearing in the live broadcasting room .

In the live studio near Tieshan , Full of all kinds of rough words , Every time I connect wheat with others , He can use his local dialect , Bickering with other anchors , Even swearing .

I've heard about this online celebrity before , It seems that he suddenly became popular overnight , It has been strongly promoted on all major platforms . As a result, I opened his video and watched it for more than ten seconds , The content was so embarrassing that I almost pulled out of three bedrooms and one living room .

Other online celebrities can at least sing a song and say a paragraph , Even Xie Mengwei Gazi has some acting skills , What is iron mountain's extraordinary ability ? Excuse me, I really can't see .

Up to now , I can't figure out why he became popular on the Internet . In the past, people swearing on the street were to be despised , As a result, the iron mountain scolded on the Internet , If you don't understand, just “ My tender father ” To talk about , Such people have become Internet Celebrities , It's just amazing .

Previously, in order to attract attention , Iron mountain first scolded Wang Sicong's rumored ex girlfriend sun Yining . Two people connect wheat on the Internet , Scold each other , Outsiders looked very lively , It seems to be going to fight , In fact, the purpose is only for the concerned 2 I know , Everything is just acting , Everything is just for traffic and reward .

Later, after tasting the sweetness , Iron mountain relies on and cooperates with many net celebrities behind the scenes , Scold in the live studio , Popularity and topics have been , Make a pot full .

And the bad thing is , It's not just iron mountain's abusive behavior that makes people unbearable , His every move also affected his fans , Become very violent , There is even mutual trampling and tearing 、 Control rating deformity “ Rice circle culture ” chaos .

The general situation is , Iron mountain's fans not only brush the popularity of iron mountain in the live studio , And he often goes to Lianmai's anchor room to control and comment , Even curse internet violence .

It's no exaggeration to say , Iron mountain relies on the bad influence caused by the popularity of more than 10 million fans , It's no worse than some popular small fresh meat .

Iron mountain relies on the routine of swearing , It seems to have gained a lot of attention and fame , In fact, he embodied his mindless ignorance and no bottom line incisively and vividly .

Before he , How many net Reds similar to negative energy have been regulated , Because he has no , Because they trampled on basic moral principles . Iron mountain became popular with these shameful kung fu , Not only don't know how to converge , Instead, it intensified and increased the investment in traffic .

So do not know how to plan the future development , Immerse yourself in short-term success , And people who know nothing about their absurd actions , In itself, he seems very ignorant and brainless .

This net red is completely cool , It's really not unjust at all .

Of course , Iron mountain has become popular because of its three no net popularity , It seems very puzzling , In fact, it is no accident .

Behind the iron mountain , There is definitely a powerful online red team contributing to the flames . But his team is too eager for quick success , I don't know what iron mountain has done is too much , In the end, you are doomed to suffer from your own bitter fruit .

Of course , At best, iron mountain is just one of the many online celebrities cultivated by the company behind him . Without the blessing of traffic and the support of the company , Iron mountain can only be beaten back to its original shape , Be an ordinary man .

The iron mountain fell , It is estimated that there will be other net red tops , As a tool for making money for a net red company , Finally, it can only be completely abandoned .

But this title is still very gratifying . No matter whether this kind of online popularity will continue to be born , But as long as one comes out, one comes out , They can't make the Internet a mess , The company behind them will not succeed .

Long past , Wanghong company can't make money by such crooked ways , It will naturally go back to the right way .

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