Han Junting celebrates her 45th Birthday in advance. She is still chic after five months of bankruptcy. Jiang Meiyi, 49, in the same frame, is in poor condition

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han junting celebrates 45th th

This year, 4 Month of the month , Retired from the entertainment industry “ Yajie ” Han Junting declared bankruptcy without warning , It is reported that the main reason for bankruptcy is the inability to repay the medical expenses owed when treating the mother . But it's not over , Then it came out again that Han Junting and “ Bromeo ” Cai Guowei “ Luoshengmen ” event , It's very unpleasant .

After five months , Han Junting has already walked out of these two “ heartache ”,“ Better to live than to die ”, As long as people are , Anything is possible , I just don't know if Han Junting will choose to come back in the mainland because of the debt storm ?

9 month 16 Number , Han Junting updates the social network again , And uploaded the scene of gathering with all the artists . It is reported that there is an unwritten way of celebration in Hong Kong's entertainment circle , That is, every time an artist has a birthday , It will be a whole month , Artists with many friends may last for two months .

9 month 28 The number is Han Junting's 45 birthday , But a group of friends chose to celebrate their birthday in advance . In the exposed picture , Han Junting looks very thin , The two tendons on the neck are very prominent , I think it's the effect of early anorexia . But Han Junting kept smiling all the way , The spirit is also very good .

The artists in the same frame are Liang Sihao 、 Jiang Meiyi, etc . It is understood that Jiang Meiyi's birthday is 9 month 20 Number , In addition, they are a member of ATV , Friendship is naturally deep , That's why we chose to celebrate together , But by contrast , Han Junting, four years younger, is still a lot worse .

In the second photo , Han Junting and Liang Sihao did not avoid suspicion , Two faces face to face and smile to the camera , It looks very sweet . It is reported that the two have known each other for a long time , They are not lovers , It's friends .

When Han Junting announced bankruptcy earlier , Liang Sihao has always paid for it , Han Junting was hired as an online program 《 everyone “ really ” Coquettish 》 The host of , Also invite Han Junting to dinner from time to time , Make each other's friendship closer .

Along the way , Han Junting's life can be said to be full of ups and downs , But she didn't give up , But always choose to face life with a smile , Even disfigured 、 abandoned 、 Mother died 、 Bankruptcy, etc , She chooses positive energy , This has won the blessing and support of many friends , That's why so many people celebrate their birthday together .

In the emotional world , Han Junting also suffered a lot . It is reported that Han Junting's first boyfriend is Ye Jinchang, a famous hairdresser , Unfortunately, the other person has liver cancer , Han Junting never gave up and took care of him until his death , How many times have you been dating since then , But there was no result .

Acting career , Although Han Junting wants to return to the entertainment industry again , But it encountered many dangers , But she still has positive energy , It really makes fans feel that her heart is strong .

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