Tian Hao: the temperament of good actors is hidden in the roles they have played

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tian hao temperament good actors

There is an actor , Excellent performance , The audience's faces are familiar , go by the name of “ Play throw ” Type actor . Tian Hao , That's the actor .

It was popular some time ago 《 The ideal city 》 Lin Xiaomin, general manager of the real estate company played by Nakata Hao , Is a arrogant 、 Deep and elegant company executives , Won the of chairman Zhao Xiankun alone “ Care ”, Be responsive to Lin Xiaomin's requests . And Lin Xiaomin himself is also a “ worldly-wise person ” A person of rank , For the land to “ Agricultural to commercial ” On Xia Ming's pursuit of He Yao “ irresolute and hesitant ” Say with dissatisfaction “ How about I go after he Yao ?”

In this way “ Skin and skin ” The vice president is actually a little cute in such a workplace play . But if it's because he's a little “ skin ” If you relax your guard against him , Then you can only lose yourself .

What Lin Xiaomin often says , The most important thing is to muddy the water .

stay “ The deep pool of interests ” In addition to Su Xiao, Lin Xiaomin is the only executive who has achieved three levels of continuous jumping , But the emergence of Su Xiao , Has changed what Lin Xiaomin created “ myth ”, He also openly opposed Su Xiao because of his competitive heart , however “ Businessmen pursue profits ” For your own benefit , At the last minute, Lin Xiaomin went to find Maria to canvass for Su Xiao , Analyzed a lot of interests , Finally won Maria's vote .

Enough to prove that , In the workplace, Lin Xiaomin's Kung Fu must be at the textbook Level .

Can interpret such a gentle and deep Lin Xiaomin incisively and vividly , Tian Hao must be a powerful actor . He is introverted and unassuming , Have a very recognizable face , His innate gentle temperament also adds a lot of glory to him .

Book picking acting , There is no limit to one person's thousands of faces

Tian Hao , Have temperament and aura , With humor cells , All kinds of characters can hold live . He was in 《 White Deer Plain 》 With his penetrating acting skills, Yue Weishan's old tricks 、 Ruthless and ruthless, performed incisively and vividly .

From the honeyed words and swords when I first appeared , When the truth is revealed, there are many tricks , Then to the later ruthlessness , The small details of the characteristics of each stage of Yue Weishan are depicted three-dimensional and full .

If Yuewei mountain is a hypocrite with a high profile , that 《 Razor edge 》 Cai Boyuan is an unprincipled villain . As a chief of the police department, although he has little ability to handle cases , But in fact, I have my own ghost idea , And for fear that the world will not be chaotic . This kind of silence is wilting inside , Seemingly mindless but full of routines, the old slick image is perfectly displayed by Tian Hao's book picking acting skills .

《 Ordinary glory 》 Nakata Hao doesn't play much , But he plays Lu Siqiu with a strong sense of substitution . His walking is windy 、 The arrogance of shaking the work card , A provocative big white tooth , A pair of scary eyes , The supercilious insincerity impressed the audience .

The complexity of the characters in different plays 、 Contradictions are all flesh and blood shaped by Tian Hao , Fresh material , as 《 Second gunner 》 A corner of the horse's big mouth . He infused the soul of Ma Dazui with his comic performance , Live the little man with the feeling of saving the country . From the character's original smooth tone , In the end, the process of sacrificing one's life for justice is all handled .

In the role played by Tian Hao , It's Yue Weishan , There would be no slippery head of CAI Boyuan , If it were Cai Boyuan, there would be no arrogance of Lu Siqiu , Different roles in Tian Hao “ Play throw ” Under the blessing of acting , Each one is unique .

Tian Hao , The perfect crossover from sketch to film and television

Tian Hao is a sketch actor from , Often participate in the columns of CCTV channels , Once starred in sketches 《 Filming 》《 get the right lenses for one's eyeglasses 》《 Speak Korean 》《 Come back from school 》《 I'm male number one 》《 Very disturbing 》《 interview 》 etc. , And won the eighth CCTV Sketch contest individual competition “ Best actor ”. And in 2015 At the Lantern Festival Party of CCTV in , Partner Yang Lei 、 Shang Daqing's performance sketch 《 Selling paintings 》. Tian Hao in the sketch circle , It can be said that the wind and water of development .

After entering the film and television industry , Tian Hao showed his strength with excellent works . from 《 Second gunner 》 To 《 White Deer Plain 》 Until then 《 The ideal city 》, He dare not perfunctory every shot , Each character plays it by heart , The experience of sketch interpretation and the innate sense of lens give Tian Hao more space and role plasticity .

Good actors , Is the interpretation of the real life of the characters

The temperament of actor Tian Hao , All hidden in the roles played . Grounded horse's big mouth 、 Hypocrite Yue Weishan 、 Old slick Cai Boyuan 、 Arrogant and domineering Lu Siqiu 、 Lin Xiaomin, who is arrogant and has the best of both worlds ...... Every character , Tian Hao will not set limits on himself , The play style is also relaxed .

In the era of chasing traffic , Tian Hao sticks to the craftsman spirit of the actors , He said in an interview :“ As an actor , There are stages everywhere , I'll take it seriously ”.

You have to really stick to whatever role you play , So that his works can always hit the hearts of the audience after broadcasting . It was a hit some time ago 《 Good day 》 in , Tian Hao won the favor of netizens with the role of Kong Shiju .

In the play, he looks simple and honest , It's elegant and interesting inside , First class work and excellent cooking , The most important thing is to love your wife , Being pinched by his wife . Many netizens left messages after reading : The hole is so cute , Proper “ A strict wife ”. It's amazing to play , Very confident .

The successful shaping of Kong Shiju , In addition to the pleasing character itself , It is inseparable from Tian Hao's understanding and presentation of the role . He guessed the characters' psychology through the precipitation of real life , So as to enter the world of characters , In order to make the role really go to the hearts of the audience .

Tian Hao's of deductive career “ Slowly but surely ” and “ become an independent school ” Your performance style , Successfully created many classic screen characters . Whether it's modern drama , It's still a time play , Whether the role is big or small , He takes it seriously . To sum up Tian Hao's acting skills in one sentence is : Emotions have layers , The details are real , The character has faith .

It is precisely because of such solid acting skills that draw nutrients from life , Tian Hao has the strength to be recognized by everyone . Whether it's the main character or the supporting role , Tian Hao can always perform the wonderful performances that only belong to Tian Hao .

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