57 year old Zhu Jun rarely shows up! Close shoulder to shoulder with Du Xudong, an 8-year-old actor, smiling and in a good mood

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year old zhu jun rarely

9 month 17 Japan , Du Xudong, the old drama bone, updated a dynamic on the social platform , CCTV host Zhu Jun made a rare appearance , Then it triggered a heated discussion among netizens .

They all wore black short sleeves that day , Dressed very low-key and simple . Zhu Jun is half a head taller than Du Xudong , He put his hand intimately on each other's shoulders , Smiling and in a good mood , They seem to have a good private relationship .

Du Xudong said he was attending the Sixth Council of the Television Artists Association , Zhu Jun said :“ We will seriously study and understand all kinds of spirits here , And put it into your work life .”

57 Zhu Jun's face is now full of wrinkles , Loose skin, deep pouch , The hairline has also moved up very seriously , A little old . In fact, Du Xudong is older than him 8 year , But when they are together, they are like their peers , There is no age difference .

Netizens have said that they haven't seen Zhu Jun appear for a long time , And I look forward to him hosting the Spring Festival Gala again .

Some time ago , Zhu Jun's wife Tan Mei updated her dancing video on the social platform , Wearing a red dress, you look very outstanding . She seems to want to celebrate something happy , Will dress up so happily .

Many netizens in the comment area said they were looking forward to Zhu Jun's return to the stage again , Tan Mei supported her husband and said :“ I wait with you !”

Tan Mei replied to almost all the comments made by netizens in support of Zhu Jun in person , And thanks , It can be seen that their relationship is still very stable , Not affected by external public opinion .

Zhu Junzi 1993 After joining CCTV in , Presided over 《 Art life 》《 Chinese folk song Conference 》 Etc , The Spring Festival Gala has been on stage for many years , Business capability is highly praised .

He and Tan Mei have been married and have been together ever since 28 year , They have a son named Zhu Sitan , The family has been in the same frame many times , The picture is very warm .

In recent years , Zhu Jun was deeply influenced by public opinion , Fade out of the screen quietly , From the host in front of the stage to the worker behind the scenes . Tan Mei often publishes dancing videos on social platforms , But rarely respond to comments related to her husband , The couple haven't been in the same frame for a long time .

Zhu Jun's rare appearance this time, although his old attitude is obvious , But the overall mental state is good . Wish him good health , Life with wife and children is happier .

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