Beijing Radio and Television Bureau has a trick to curb the star's film pay exceeding the standard: review the film pay first and then the content!

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beijing radio television bureau trick

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Star pay skyrocketed , More than house prices , Become the entertainment industry in recent years “ Long entrenched ” The problem of . Control the star's sky high price film remuneration , It has also become a strong desire of the public .

9 month 16 Sunday night , The official wechat of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau issued a document , Said to strengthen the management of the TV industry , Among them, it is necessary to check whether the submitted materials such as actor cost allocation proportion and main actor pay contract are complete , Review whether the proportion of film remuneration meets the management regulations , Those that do not comply will not enter the content review stage .

all the time , Star pay is the focus of the industry . In the face of this phenomenon , since 2016 Since then , Whether it is the relevant national regulatory authorities 、 Or industry regulators are making constant efforts . Constantly for “ Stars get high pay ” The question is clear “ prescription ”, To curb sky high film pay and stars showing off their wealth .

Now , After the salary limit order, the issue of high film pay will meet the strong supervision , Under the heavy fist , Can star pay be fundamentally curbed ?

No content censorship will be conducted for TV dramas whose actors' pay is not in conformity with the regulations

9 month 16 Sunday night , The official wechat release of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau 《 Beijing Radio and Television Bureau takes many measures to strengthen the management of TV drama industry 》 Tweets of , It means to strictly implement the Central Propaganda Department 、 Arrangements and arrangements of the State Administration of radio, film and television on carrying out comprehensive management in the field of culture and entertainment and relevant requirements of Beijing Municipality , Further clarify the industry atmosphere , Create a good working environment , Resolutely and effectively control the sky high price of film pay 、“ Yin yang contract ”、 Tax evasion and other prominent problems , Beijing Radio and Television Bureau takes many measures at the same time , Strengthen the management of TV drama industry , Promote the high-quality development of TV drama industry .

picture source : Official wechat of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau

To be specific , There are four items in management , The first two items are directly related to the actor's pay .

First, the main responsibility of compaction , Strictly implement the notification commitment system . among , The production organization shall be informed of the relevant regulations and risks in the stage of TV drama creation and shooting , Including filing and project initiation 、 Change management 、 Make and shoot 、 Content creation 、 Relevant regulations on film review and film remuneration management , It also includes signing if “ Yin yang contract ”、 Legal liability for tax evasion and other illegal acts . at present , Yes. 80 The TV play was told .

The second is to implement the requirements of actor cost allocation proportion , Effectively strengthen the audit of configuration cost . First , Check whether the submitted materials such as actor cost allocation proportion and main actor pay contract are complete ; secondly , Review whether the proportion of film remuneration meets the management regulations , Those that do not comply will not enter the content review stage . at present , It's done 48 At the content review stage of the Department, the cost allocation proportion of the main actors of the TV series and the filing and review of the film remuneration contract of the main actors .

Country 、 The industry continues to “ Stars get high pay ” Drive out “ prescription ”

Recent years , The discussion of actors' pay has always been a hot topic in society , But it has not been completely controlled .

As early as 2017 year , a 《 Opinions on the cost allocation proportion of TV series and online dramas 》 Yes “ Stars get high pay ” Made it clear “ prescription ”. Which point out that : All member units and film and television production institutions shall limit the proportion of actors' remuneration to a reasonable range of production costs , The total remuneration of all actors shall not exceed... Of the total production cost 40%, among , The main actors don't exceed of the total pay 70%, Other actors are paid no less than% of the total 30%. The 《 opinion 》 a , Relevant people in the industry have expressed their support .

here we are 2018 year 8 month , youku 、 Iqiyi 、 Published by Tencent video's three major video websites and six major production companies 《 Statement 》 Express , Boycott artists together “ sky-high ” Film pay phenomenon , Try to promote single actor single episode pay ( Tax included ) No more than 100 Ten thousand yuan , Total pay ( Tax included ) Maximum not exceeding 5000 The specific pricing rules of 10000 yuan .

Just six months later , Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu is in iqiyi 2018 In response to the content cost control questions raised by analysts on the conference call in the fourth quarter of, he said :“ The actor's salary limit , Our industry is forming a new pricing method in the market , Actors are paid no more than 5000 Ten thousand yuan is in response to the call of the government , It's important to control ( Content ) The cost is very good , From last year (2018 year )8 The month has been formulated so far , There is no violation of our industry rules , And it has greatly increased the popularity of a large number of new actors , Significant increase in business value .”

2020 year 4 month , China TV drama production industry association will make another move , Release 《 proposal 》. It stipulates that , A TV play 、 Screenwriter of online drama 、 Director and male 、 The remuneration for the first female star , Each shall not exceed... Of the production cost 10%, The remuneration of all actors shall not exceed... Of the production cost 40%.

2020 year 7 month , According to the “ Internet video interconnection ” reports , That year 7 Since June, all key online dramas need to be filed with the State Administration , Including the number of sets 、 Subject matter 、 Actual investment 、 Actor's pay and so on . among , What attracts most attention is the actor's remuneration . Obviously , SARFT's move is to make the income of actors more open 、 Transparency . But what is “ Key online drama ”, SARFT did not specify at that time .

“ Salary restriction order ” Next , The form of actors' remuneration “ all sorts of strange things ”

At the beginning of the year , Actor Zheng Shuang caused an uproar in the entertainment circle because of the surrogacy incident , Her sky high film pay also came to light .

by the advices , Zheng Shuang had previously filmed TV dramas 《 The soul of a beautiful woman 》( Renamed 《 Just ask me love cangming in this life 》) The pay is as high as 1.6 One hundred million yuan , The shooting time was 77 God , Equivalent to daily income 208 Ten thousand yuan .

picture source : Cat's eye pro

meanwhile , In order to avoid “ Salary restriction order ” policy , Zheng Shuangfang has prepared 4 A contract .

Zheng Shuang, who took advantage of the loophole, paid the corresponding price . recently , The first inspection bureau of Shanghai Taxation Bureau has found out that Zheng Shuang 2019 - 2020 Failed to declare personal income according to law in 1.91 One hundred million yuan , Tax evasion 4526.96 Ten thousand yuan , Other underpaid taxes 2652.07 Ten thousand yuan , And make a tax recovery against Zheng Shuang according to law 、 Add a late fee and a fine totaling 2.99 The decision to deal with the punishment of 100 million yuan .

picture source : Webpage Screenshot

in fact , Soldiers come to block. , Have means to resist , Although there are “ Salary restriction order ”, But the way to get money is not just film pay .

In an interview , Film critic Tan Fei once said , After the salary limit order , It seems that the actor's pay has decreased , But this is an illusion . Although actors have reduced their salaries in their posts , But I will ask myself to hold more than one job , And take away the remuneration of other posts , To make up for the reduced film pay .

Some netizens found a movie starring Zheng Shuang 《 My nanny manual 》, This bean paste 3.4 The TV series is divided into 2018 Released in 2008 , share 40 Set . Coincidentally, , The artistic director of the play is also Zheng Shuang .

In recent years , It is also increasingly popular for actors to invest in shares with film remuneration . For example, Fan Bingbing starred 《 The legend of wu mei niang 》, She is both a star and a producer .

High pay is a sign of impetuosity in the industry Drown a lot of good things

Every time a reporter observes , A major reason for the formation of the trend of high film pay for stars is the influx of hot money .

2015 Since then , Hot money poured into the film and television industry , For a time, the industry rose , Stars are frequently revealed “ It's priceless ”. at that time , Many traffic stars often pay for a play 8000 000 yuan to 1.2 One hundred million yuan , Most of the money for a film and television play is spent on hiring actors , This also leads to more and more ugly domestic TV dramas , Even posted directly by the audience “ movies ” The label of .

As early as 2016 year , CCTV once talked about domestic actors “ It's priceless ” The chaos was reported and criticized by name , Those who were criticized by CCTV were those who just started up at that time 《 If taken the 》. It is reported that ,《 If taken the 》 The total pay for the two leading characters Huo Jianhua and Zhou Xun is 1.5 One hundred million yuan .

According to the insiders interviewed by CCTV at that time ,2016 Around the year , There are also popular stars with the lowest pay 2500 ten thousand , The highest level has reached more than 100 million .

Disclosure of information , In Huace film and television 2015 year ~2017 In the relevant announcement of , Ni Ni 、 Starring Chen Kun 《 Tiansheng long song 》, The film pay of both parties is expected to be close to 1 One hundred million yuan 、7000 Ten thousand yuan ; Starring Chen Xiao 《 Queen dugu 》, The pay is expected to be close to 7000 Ten thousand yuan .

Huace film and television announcement , Nanjing Yunying low flying film and television culture studio is owned by Ni Ni picture source : Announcement of the screenshots

2020 year , TV play 《 The king behind the scenes 》 The investor Dinglong culture replied to the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange , Exposed actor Zhou Dongyu 、 Luo Jin's pay information . Announcement shows that ,2017 year 、2018 year , Zhou Dongyu studio has received two payments from Dinglong culture , Accumulated amount 1.09 One hundred million yuan ; Luo Jin also received two payments in the past two years , The total amount is 7714 Ten thousand yuan .

picture source : Announcement on Dinglong culture

Hot money comes quickly , Go too fast . Many insiders believe that , Behind the high pay is actually the impetuous performance of the whole film and television production industry . High pay can't produce high-level works 、 High selfie can't play a moving role .

Just like the former director of Bayi film studio 、 Wang Xiaotang, the first female general in China's film industry, once said in an exclusive interview with reporters :“ I know there are many good actors now 、 Good screenwriter and director , But the problem of sky high prices drowns out a lot of good things . An actor is successful in his career , When the future seems bright , Still need a clear understanding of yourself .”

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