Jinsha, a new and cutting-edge director after 85, demonstrates the cultural heritage and interprets the power of women

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China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn 2022 The opening of the Winter Olympics 、 At the closing ceremony, director Zhang Yimou showed Chinese traditional culture incisively and vividly , From the 24 solar terms to the 12 zodiac , Welcome song from the beginning , To the end of the broken willows , All of them reveal China's 5000 year Cultural Heritage , Push traditional culture to the hot topic of netizens again . In fact, traditional culture is not just displayed in large-scale activities “ Chinese romance ”, In many film and television plays “ The traditional culture ” It has always been an enduring element , Such as Jinsha 、 Directed by Han Dong , Huo Jianhua 、 The emotional inspirational drama of the Republic of China starring Yang Mi 《 Build a dream 》 Is one of them .

Director Jinsha's life photos

Director Jinsha's works integrate a serious attitude , Take a broad view and show the cultural details

《 Build a dream 》 It is told in 20 century 20 years , The builders of the Republic of China, represented by Shen Qinan and Fu Hanjun, overcome many difficulties and doubts , Stick to your ingenuity , The story of making achievements in the field of architectural construction and design and promoting the innovation and development of China's construction industry . The drama focuses on the construction industry of the Republic of China, which has received little attention before , The play integrates modern architecture into “ Fang Sheng ”“ Ruyi ” And other traditional elements , Present the dialogue between modern and traditional on the screen . It is reported that the play created nearly 800 A scenario , Just to more truly restore the architectural style of old Shanghai , Make the shooting effect more exquisite , It can be seen that director Jinsha paid meticulous and patience for the presentation of his works .

The poster of dream making love

Architecture is the carrier of culture , It is also the presentation of history ,《 Build a dream 》 Take architecture as the carrier , Inject architectural culture and history into it , Spread the architectural culture to the audience in the form of TV series . Deputy director of literature and Art Department of Guangming Daily 、 Critic Li Chunli once admitted that if 《 Build a dream 》 Positioning as an idol drama is slightly limited , Because it has some higher pursuits . President of China Radio, film, television, newspapers and Periodicals Association 、《 Radio and television review 》 Editor in chief Liang Jiangang also commented on 《 Build a dream 》 Emphasis on Chinese traditional culture and aesthetics , It has a certain pattern of the times in creation . thus it can be seen , We are still talking about success or failure with traffic data , Director sands has already raised his horizons , Integrate the awareness of inheriting traditional culture into their own works .

Still photos of building a dream and falling in love

Director sands shows women's tenacity , Refuse to accept the will to lose “ Her strength ”

In the creation process of a film and television play , The position of director requires a lot of work , Including but not limited to screenplay shooting 、 Scene settings 、 Actor emotional guidance 、 The management of the whole crew and so on , It's a double test of thinking and physical strength , In the film and television industry , There is a wide gap between male and female directors , Female directors who can stick to it are one in a hundred , Director Jinsha as 85 Young female director after , We have always cherished the present and maintained our awe of the industry , Adhere to their own unique innovative perspective , With an unyielding spirit, it has made various interpretations for the film and television industry , Exudes her unique feminine power .

Dream building Seminar

Director sands has won “ Initial heart list ”2019 After the annual China's top five young directors award, he said , Awards are both encouragement and encouragement , The honor gives me motivation , But we still need to keep learning and working hard , Devote yourself to creating and polishing , Further improve your professional level , Don't forget your original heart and move on . As director Jinsha himself said , She is constantly trying and groping , Looking forward to director Jinsha with an unyielding strength , Can bring us wonderful works as soon as possible .

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