He Jiong was accidentally encountered eating rice noodles by the roadside, and his face was smaller than the noodle bowl

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In recent days, , A netizen sent a video on social media , In the video, he Jiong is eating rice noodles with his friends , And the article said that every time I eat shredded meat and hot and sour powder . On the video day, teacher he was dressed in black clothes and trousers , Very low key .

Regardless of his image, he Jiong eats rice noodles with his mouth open , Make him look like an ordinary person , Very grounded .

Many fans said that looking at their clothes , I recognized him at a glance . At the same time, they also said they wanted to meet Mr. He by chance .

He Jiong has contact with almost all stars in the entertainment industry , Popularity is a famous good . In addition to holding up your guests on the show , And keep accepting and liking new artists . He Jiong has a better character , Be good at protecting each other's privacy , Also considerate , Try to maintain and take good care of the stars in the program , therefore , Many stars in the entertainment industry take he Jiong as their friends , Be a bosom friend .

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