Actress Guan Xuan gave birth to a second child son! She divorced her rich husband last year and got pregnant quickly after compounding

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3 month 16 Japan , According to south Korean media , Actress Huang Zhengyin official announced the birth of a second child son .

Huang Zhengyin's husband is Li yingdun, a professional golfer and entrepreneur With a lot of money . As a famous actress, Huang Zhengyin , Marry into a rich family 6 year , It was once considered a match made in heaven . But in the 2020 year , She applied for divorce , Suspected feelings have come to an end .

all the time , Huang Zhengyin didn't disclose the reason for the divorce . last year 7 In June, two people suddenly announced that they were reconciled , And was photographed traveling together . Now it's just reconciliation 9 I have given birth to my son in three months , This speed is really amazing .

Huang Zhengyin originally made her debut as a women's idol group , Two years later, I quit the combined solo flight . She's been to a hot variety show 《 Love letter 》, Later, with the help of TV series 《 Giant 》,《 Romantic house 2》,《 she is very pretty 》 And so on, the play has received a lot of praise , And won the best actress in the field of TV series for many times . She is known as the heroine of Korean dramas , It also won the premier's commendation of the Korean popular culture and Art Award .

Huang Zhengyin and her husband Li yingdun are in 2015 Introduced by acquaintances in , Two people are very fond of each other , He soon entered marriage . After their divorce and reconciliation , He has also been photographed traveling together for many times . Huang Zhengyin often shares her happy life on social platforms , Smiling and looking very happy , It can be seen that the relationship between the two is very stable .

A couple of lovers experienced all kinds of twists and turns , Can come together again , It is really a happy event worthy of blessing . I hope Huang Zhengyin and her husband can realize that this relationship is hard won , Create a happy life together in the future , I also wish their two children a happy growth .

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