The film "major events in life" reveals the whole process of Zhu Yilong's becoming a ruffian

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1905 Movie online news movie 《 Life events 》 Supervised by Han Yan , Liu Jiangjiang wrote and directed , Zhu Yilong starred , Yang En is also specially introduced to play , Wang Ge is specially invited to star , Liu Lu 、 Luo Jingmin , Will be in 3 month 20 Japan 、3 month 26 Japan 、3 month 27 Japan 、4 month 1 Day ahead point reflection ,4 month 2 It's on all over the country .3 month 16 Released by the Japanese filmmaker “ I'm the third brother ” Special Edition , Uncover secrets for the audience “ Mo Sanmei ” The reason for this name , It records the transformation from gentle Zhu Yilong to ruffian mortician Mo Sanmei , And his hard journey to challenge new roles he has never seen before . Many viewers sigh :“ I saw my third brother , I haven't seen Zhu Yilong !”

The movie 《 Life events 》 It tells the story of mortician Mo Sanmei ( Zhu Yilong Decoration ) In a funeral shortly after his release from prison , I met orphan Wu Xiaowen ( Yang enyou Decoration ), The emergence of Xiaowen , Unexpectedly changed his attitude towards his career and life . Released today “ I'm the third brother ” Special , The special shows Zhu Yilong's style 、 Personality and other aspects to shape “ Mo Sanmei ” The process of , Make the role of this ruffian undertaker deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . Special , Producer Han Yan talked about “ Mo Sanmei ” The origin of this name , Lao Mo in the film is very strict with his son , So that Mo Sanmei once thought that her father didn't like her , But the name actually means that the third brother is Lao Mo's favorite 、 The most cherished child .

according to the understanding of , Zhu Yilong not only went to the real funeral home to experience life during the preparation period , Learn and discuss funeral knowledge with the undertaker , It also injects a lot of self-designed actions and details into this character , Coupled with the unprecedented cuntou shape and a genuine Wuhan dialect , In the end “ Three elder brother ” The character was vividly presented to the audience . Producer Han Yan also sighed :“ I haven't called him Zhu Yilong since that scene , The whole group is calling him third brother .”

In addition to the delicate interpretation of the characters , The special edition also shows Zhu Yilong's unremitting persistence and constant attempt to perform , Producer Han Yandu said frankly :“ He gets hurt all over every day ”. In order to make the close-up effect real , After being bitten out with deep teeth marks, it means :“ Close up is really biting ”, Also guide the little actors to put down their psychological burden and take out their best state , Jokingly called the bite mark “ watch ”, To ease the little actor's guilt .

When shooting , Even if the director thinks he has achieved the best effect in his mind , Zhu Yilong still tries to change his mind 、 Continue to try to , What is finally presented to the audience is a perfect integration of actors and characters . The director said with satisfaction :“ A very lucky thing for a director , Meet someone who is willing to grow up with you .”

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