"Wild summer" Ultimate Trailer exposure Chen Jiahua Geng le "return to youth"

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1905 Movie news 3 month 16 Japan , Directed by Su zheyan , Chen Jiahua Ella、 Geng Le starred , Chen Yiwen 、 Huang Fuyi ( Kaoru )、 Summer Hou Yunshan 、 LAN Haodong 、 Lin Huimin 、 Li Chengzhan 、 Li rizhan 、 Zhan Mu 、 Realistic youth film starring Liu Yuren 《 Wild summer 》 Release “ Burning wild ” The ultimate trailer and the ultimate poster . This exposure is “ Burning wild ” In the final Trailer , Take the new perspective of reporter Wu Youli as the starting point , Tell the story of Zhenhua track and field team , Present the hot-blooded confrontation between teenagers and reality incisively and vividly, full of tension . In the ultimate poster released at the same time , Several stars gathered in front of the CMB of Zhenhua middle school , The intersection of burning clouds and blue sky implies the collision between burning youth and cold reality , It's full of expectation . It is reported that , This film will be on 3 month 25 It's officially released today .

The ultimate Trailer exposes new details The youth broke through the wild youth with courage

Released this time “ Burning wild ” The ultimate trailer is launched from a new perspective , With reporter Wu Youli ( Chen Jiahua Decoration ) Deep excavation , Gao Jishu, coach of the track and field team of Zhenhua middle school ( Geng Le Decoration ) The truth that he withdrew from the 1996 international competition gradually surfaced , meanwhile , The members of the track and field team trained by Gao Jishu are on the track after many years , He was in the same danger as he was . In the face of cruel reports , Gao Jishu, who has been hit hard, has a desire to retreat ,“ I'm just a waste ” Self reproach and self abandonment are sad . But several teenagers with “ You can't give up until the last minute ” His youthful blood inspired Gao Jishu , Together on the field of confrontation with public opinion and reality , And young people are brave and fearless 、 The courage to get up and run down even if you fall , It can infect everyone who is in adversity . At the end of the preview , As a recorder, Wu Youli tells the story of wild youth that summer .

Where is wild youth ? Director Su Zhexian gave the audience more perspectives and possibilities of interpretation :“ Wild is not limited to desperate teenagers , It can also be you and me as ordinary as weeds , It can be Wu Youli's ambition for a wonderful life , It can also be Gao Jishu's courage to stand in the way .” Two adults achieved second growth in a marathon , For the first time, the five green teenagers entered the real barbarian world that is no longer naive , With youthful spirit and reality “ Hard touch hard ”.

Hidden in the ultimate poster Near the release, netizens are full of expectations

The ultimate poster for the film release , The overall tone is very warm , Exudes a saturated warmth . Several clouds reddened by the setting sun are arranged in the air , Gao Jishu, member of the track and field team and coach of Zhenhua middle school 、 Reporter Wu Youli is in front of a minibus . According to the filmmaker , The reason why the ultimate poster chose CMB as the background , Because several important turns in the film story took place in this humble car . And the innocent smiling faces of the teenagers in front of the minibus , In sharp contrast to the thoughtful expressions of the two adults , It also raised the expectations of many netizens .

With the gradual release of materials , Netizens on movies 《 Wild summer 》 Expectations are also rising ,“ The role played by this release is really different from that before , Be sure to go to the cinema to find out ”,“ I haven't seen a youth film with realistic theme for a long time , I hope Geng le and Ella Can bring us different surprises ”, Since the movie was put on file , Netizens leave messages on various platforms to discuss and express their expectations for the film , And have said that they will go to the cinema with good partners who spend their youth together .

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