Jin Dong was accidentally met at dinner late at night. He lost a lot of weight. The female assistant next to him grabbed the camera

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3 month 16 Japan , Some netizens came across actor Jin Dong when they revealed on the social platform that they were eating hot pot .

Jin Dong looks quite thin , Dressed very handsome . He's wearing a black stormsuit with white sneakers , It has the refreshing feeling of youth , A pair of long legs are especially eye-catching , Wearing a mask, you can also see that your appearance is very high .

After Jin Dong walked into the hot pot shop , Recognized by many customers who are eating . He is also very kind , Raise your hands and wave to everyone , There is no star's shelf . However, a male staff member following Jin Dong has been preventing passers-by from taking photos , Maybe it's a private trip. I don't want to make too much publicity .

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