Why is Infernal Affairs popular all over the world?

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3 month 16 Japan ,《 Infernal Affairs 》 Trilogy 4K The repaired version is re screened in France .

This year, the distance 《 Infernal Affairs 》 The first one came out just in time 20 Anniversary of the , But over the years , Its international influence is still unstoppable .

From being remade by the United States , Go to South Korea to arrange stage plays , Now France is showing again ,《 Infernal Affairs 》 Why is the series popular all over the world ?

Today's prefix takes you back to 《 Infernal Affairs 2》 In front of the stage and behind the scenes , Let's see how this gangster epic is refined .

《 Infernal Affairs 2》 Although it's named part II , But in the plot, it's a 《 Infernal Affairs Prequel 》.

if 《 Infernal Affairs 》 and 《 Infernal Affairs 3》 It's Andy Lau 、 Tony Leung 、 The dawn 、 Sammi Cheng 、 Chen Huilin 、 The luxurious gathering of Xiao Yaxuan and other heavenly kings and divas , Then the second part in the middle is the business competition between the powerful factions .

This film continues to focus on Edison Chen 、 Yu wenle's two fresh meats , Gathered together, Zeng Zhiwei 、 Carina Lau 、 Wu Zhenyu 、 Show off 、 Kai Chi Liu 、 wai 、 Zhang Tongzu 、 Lian Kai and many other powerful actors .

Besides , borrow 《 Lan Yu 》 The mainland actor Hu Jun of the fire also joined the film ; Liu Weiqiang also invited Zhang Tongzu 、 Huang Yuetai 、 Chen Desen 、 Ao Zhijun and other great gods behind the scenes made guest appearances , It can be said that the lineup is strong 、 A series of good plays .

Superstars gather 、 Mutual Biao performance , It must be a wonderful group play , But the film is more like a monologue .

Why? ? Because they met a master who has always been good at anti guest ―― Wu Zhenyu .

1996 year , Wu Zhenyu is 《 People who are confused by the past are in the Jianghu 》 Soar into the sky 、 Leading the way ;1999 year , He went from 《 Gunfire 》 One fifth of the show stands out , Won the Golden Horse movie Emperor .

this , Zhenyu showed his skills again , Take the lead in the group play , Successfully created the image of Ni yongxiao, the godfather of gangs , Become 《 Infernal Affairs 2》 The greatest hero of epic sublimation .

Although Zeng Zhiwei commented that Zhenyu exerted too much force on this corner , But this statement is not worth referring to .

In those days, Zhiwei took the film emperor away from the lame hero LV Liangwei who exerted too much force , Now it's said that our ah Xiao exerted too much force . We viewers like to push too hard , Even harder ! A little harder !

There is a fly in the ointment , Wu Zhenyu was a popular candidate for the golden statue award , Finally lost to 《 Big guy 》 Andy Lau .

Fans have been more or less angry about this .

Andy Lau was not wrong , Wu Zhenyu is not wrong , If someone is really wrong , Then it must be the fault of the golden statue award , It's not right to make a candidate carry the pot .

In fact, there are two wonderful events in the same year 、 A classic character with extraordinary strength , It's really lucky for Hong Kong Film 、 The blessing of the audience , There's no need to compete .

yellow sir And Zeng Zhiwei's role is the same as the first 、 The third part echoes each other 、 With one .

This film tells Han Chen how to step by step from a simple loyal dog to the road of tiger and Wolf , How did inspector Huang Zhicheng go to the later sincere justice 、 Firm as iron .

According to old reports , Lu Qichang was originally scheduled to play Liang Jiahui , However, Da Liang disliked that there were too few scenes and refused the invitation , Therefore, Hu Jun, who has just become popular in the mainland, is on the top .

Regarding this , Liang Jiahui was once very angry : Gan Liliang , How many times do you have to say it before you believe that Liu Weiqiang didn't play with me at all 《 Infernal Affairs 2》? I'm still waiting 《 Infernal Affairs 4》 Well !

In the first guest play, Edison Chen and Yu wenle , In this episode, we will officially carry the beam , Serve as two male masters respectively ―― Liu Jianming 、 Chen Yongren .

The industry commented that Yu wenle's performance in this film has imitated the charm of Liang Chaowei , And Edison Chen is still Edison Chen .

even to the extent that , Edison dozed off because of his work on the set , The director Liu Weiqiang angrily slapped his mouth , Wake up the dreamer .

Edison Chen later recalled , I also started from that moment , With the awe of acting , Liu Weiqiang's slap , It really made his later performance , In the same generation of young people, riding on the dust , If nothing happens later , I believe that Edison has a bright future .

Edison Chan 、 Yu wenle was still fighting for women at that time , Fight backstage at an event , So it's also honey embarrassment to meet on the set 、 It's hard to cooperate .

In retrospect , How young and vigorous 2003 Year! , Hong Kong cinema at that time , And the younger generation is so high spirited .

Later, it was mediated by Lin Jianyue, the boss behind the scenes , Two talents finally entered “ inner mmp, Smile on your face ” Acting mode .

Whichever is better or less , You two have finally passed the performance of fresh meat , And each has something remarkable , Did not pull the back leg of the old drama bone .

After that, the protagonist , Let's talk about supporting roles .

In supporting roles , In addition to the original role , Zhang yaoyang is added to this film 、 Liao Qizhi's two characters .

According to Director Liu Weiqiang : In fact, this film didn't have a particularly suitable role for Zhang yaoyang , But he stopped there , The film will have an atmosphere , I just need him standing there .

by comparison , Mai Zhaohui is very timid , See Zhang yaoyang standing there like a stake without saying a word , Very afraid of crows , So I discussed with Liu Weiqiang : Let's give him a few lines !

However, after Zhang yaoyang himself insisted : If there are three people standing on the stage , The person who doesn't speak must be the most photographed .

Sure enough , Luo Jixian didn't have a line until Bento , But it's very eye-catching , Even nominated for best supporting actor , The industry rated it as : Be romantic without saying a word .

The role of Liao Qizhi is similar to that of Zhang yaoyang , There are almost no lines 、 But a divine expression with a strong sense of existence .

This is the self-cultivation of the old opera bone .

Besides , Huang Yuetai 、 Ao Zhijun 、 Although Chen Desen and others mainly attack behind the scenes , But I'm comfortable with my acting ability 、 perfection in one's studies .

He is also a leading photographer in the Hong Kong film industry , Huang Yuetai is Ao Zhijun's teacher , And AO Zhijun is Liu Weiqiang's teacher .

Although the images of the hall leaders created by them have their own merits 、 Wonderful , But there is a common ideal in the play : Gandhi .

Gandhi felt bitter , But don't talk , Gandhi's head is green , Gandhi is really too south !

As for Zhang Tongzu 、 wai 、 Other supporting roles such as Lian Kai , Just walk around and watch the lights 、 Take turns , There is not much room to play and bright performance .

in general , In the collective efforts of all the main creators 、 Each shows his magic power , It would not have been 《 Infernal Affairs 2》 This epic movie , It has also become one of the best gangster films in Chinese films .

Mai Dangxiong will cry when he sees it , Du Qifeng was also silent : It turns out that Liu Weiqiang will also make such a high-level gangster epic .

harm , Who do you look down on ?

Liu Weiqiang's consistent level of play is : Maizhuang is in hand , I have ; As soon as maizhuang leaves , Such as drinking fake wine .

16 Years have passed ,《 Infernal Affairs 》 The series has long become a legendary memory of an era .

Is it the first good , Or the second one ? The third one sucks anyway ? Nowadays, we often see fans arguing on major platforms .

Douban knows, don't pretend to force , If you want to fight, go to the dance hall , Let me be fair : Like police and bandit films is the first good , Like gangster movies is the second good , Like Chen Daoming is the third good .

If possible , Just call me the shadow !

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