Deng Lun was fined 100 million for tax evasion. Insiders revealed that more people overturned in the follow-up

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2022 year , Still not disappointing .

3 month 14 On this ordinary afternoon , The melon eaters are still fooling around in the entertainment list , Suddenly, there was a burst of hot search .

Deng Lun was recovered and fined for tax evasion 1.06 One hundred million yuan .

Look at the specific .

2019-2020 year , Tax evasion 4700 More than ten thousand , Underpayment of taxes 1399 ten thousand , Plus late fees and fines , common 1.06 Billion .

Relevant interviews have also come out .

Why did you stare at Dunlan in the beginning ?

Because after the strengthening of supervision in the field of culture and entertainment last year , Deng Lun was found suspected of tax evasion , However, the rectification is not complete after being reminded and urged , So I went deep into the case .

Need to know , There are five steps in tax supervision , remind 、 Supervise and urge 、 Warning 、 auditing 、 Exposure , Dunlon ignored the first three steps .

The last two steps come down , Dunlon just finished .

A lot of Dunlan's fans are quite naive , Now start to express deep feelings in Chaohua .

Change when you're wrong , Few people who start a company are clean , What's the matter .

Is it important whether it's true or false ?

What really happened , If it's fake, just wait .

As long as you say , I'll believe you whatever you say .

Others vowed to work hard for Deng Lun .

I didn't notice , The last handful of soil after Deng Lun fell , The fans sprinkled it on him .

Fans here are still waiting to dispel the rumor , The partners over there have begun to terminate the contract , Move faster than you think .

So is the platform .

Shortly after the announcement , Deng Lun's voice and studio account were bombed , Before his personal account exploded , Sent a letter of apology .

Say I'm wrong , I will take responsibility , I will work hard in the future .

But there is no future , It's hard to say .

have a look “ predecessors ” Example .

2018 year 5 month , Cui Yongyuan exposed the yin-yang contract event , Pull Fan Bingbing off his horse .

Later, Fan Bingbing was accompanied by tax payment and fine , common 8.8 Billion , From now on have “ Fan Jiuyi ” Known as the .

After this , The entertainment industry began to pay taxes, and there was a big earthquake .

Self inspection and tax declaration of film and television industry , common 117 Billion , According to screenwriter Zhao Dongling, there are 700 More than artists pay taxes .

But as the saying goes, set an example to others , As the first person to be found out in the big earthquake ―― Fan Bingbing , The worst casualties , The money is fine , And became an invisible person in the entertainment industry .

You know her name , But she'll never be able to make an official appearance again .

Of course , In the process , She also tried to make a comeback , But I tried the water too many times , It's no use , I was also trampled on by night when I was shooting a magazine .

After that, Fan Bingbing can only pick her feet at home .

Others take the red carpet , She drinks red wine at home ; Others speak for , She speaks for her facial mask ; Others are filming and doing business , She can only tweet her face washing experience .

Not long ago , Fan Bingbing changes the track , Filming in Korea , It is said to be the latest Korean drama starring in Jianghe Na and Li Yuying 《Insider》 Chinese guest star .

She also posted photos on her own microblog .

41 Years old is still in good shape , Many female stars of the same age in the sling circle .

Unfortunately, no matter how well you keep it , Or enjoy yourself , The road to acting began on the day she stole and evaded taxes , It's getting farther and farther away .

After Fan Bingbing fell , I thought everyone in the entertainment industry was in danger , Dare not go this wrong way again .

Unexpectedly, Shuangzi followed up .

Tearing with Zhang Heng is like opening Pandora's box , Take out one surprise after another , Surrogacy 、 Abandonment , Tax evasion is mixed in the middle , It doesn't stand out .

After all , And via's 13 Compared to 100 million , Shuangzi is really a pediatrician .

But don't look down on ,1 $ , You can't earn anything in your life .

Shuangzi is always crazy , Do things without rules and logic , Give a person a kind of “ She's not surprised at anything ” The feeling of , Today, Deng Lun's play , It really surprised me .

Have a good life , Why did you dig your own grave ?

92 Deng Lun, born in , It's a science student , Graduated from Shanghai Drama Institute 11 Performance department , Follow 《 previous 》 Wang Sasha is a classmate .

12 year , Still in College , Just signed the company , Patted 《 Flower is not fog 》.

When I first came out , He stood down flag.

Say to “ Be a good man , Acting seriously ”, And sign this sentence .

after , There's a play on , There is not much water spray .

The only thing that attracts public attention , It's his relationship with Jin Chen , From love to tear , One stop self production and self marketing , Let the people eat melons to their full stomach .

2016 year 8 month , The romance between the two men was exposed .

Every time I'm photographed, I look like a conjoined baby , It's lingering .

Dunlon also writes regularly 【 Morning book 】, Show your love secretly .

But things like love , Always , Love is warm , It was tragic when we separated .

Jin Chen and Deng Lun from the exposure of their love to the subsequent breakup , It took less than a year .

2017 year 6 Month break up ,9 month , Jin Chen will end up tearing up Deng Lun and buying a water army , The face of my ex boyfriend didn't give me the slightest .

You have to ask what is the contradiction between the two people .

Is not clear .

But Deng Lun's boss directly expressed his dislike for Jin Chen , Deng Lun and Jin Chen can't get back together in their life .

The boss plays a lot , Continue later .

Just talk about what the boss said , After breaking up , For a time, it was said that “ a section of arrowroot is separated , but the clinging fibre remains ”.

After breaking up with Jin Chen , Love is gone , Dunlon's career began to climb .

《 Ode to joy 2》 as well as 《 Chu Qiao Chuan 》 All broadcast .

after , I joined in 《 Where's dad going? 》, And fried with Li Qin CP.

2018 year , Deng Lun ushered in the peak of his life .

Working with Yang Zi 《 Honey is like frost 》 Broadcast .

Ancient puppets can hold people , Look at Hu Ge 、 Liu Yifei 、 Yang Mi 、 Li Yifeng knew , Up to now, young artists still pile up one by one to find opportunities .

《 Fragrant honey 》 Completely praised Deng Lun , Become a popular flow Xiaosheng , Yang Zi has completely realized her traffic dream , Luo Yunxi, the second male who used to make soy sauce, is also popular .

After becoming popular, Deng Lun , stay 90 I have a place in my life .

And then with 85 Beauty in flowers baby The cooperation 《 My true friend 》.

but baby Your constitution is …… Shoot what you want to shoot .

Later, Deng Lun didn't know that his ambition was gradually weakened , Or just want to make fast money , The last one in the variety show , Business is also booming , Hotpot restaurant 、 Milk tea shop 、 Chamber escape, etc .

Weddings are also attended one after another , You can always see him as the best man on May 1 or 11 .

Only few works .

Except for one by Guo Jingming 《 Qing Ya Ji 》 Out of circle , Others are silent .

Finally embarked on the road of flow , It's not good to have too few works to worry fans , The competition in the circle is so fierce , Maybe he will be ranked by the latecomers , But it also caused a big humiliating event .

Yes , Namely Out of the loop “ Clay oven rolls ” event .

After dunlon became popular , With a backup Club , This backup meeting is more wonderful , Openly raise money .

Say annual fee 168 element , One charge 3 Members of the year , Can enjoy Supreme VIP Favorable Price , It only needs 150 Yuan a year .

After charging , There are all kinds of membership benefits , You can chat with Deng Lun in a microblog group .

Also let everyone rest assured that .

Membership fees are supervised by the studio , There are details of expenses , It's for birthday support .

Confusion operation , Let a person be stunned .

But at the time , No one thinks so .

It is said that there are also 80 Come out .

Is there any 80 ten thousand , I don't know , I only know that the later help made a big joke .

2018 year , Deng Lun shot 《 My true friend 》 Kill , The fans have gathered again 9 ten thousand , Plan to celebrate killing .

As a result, that day , Silly eyes .

A table of pancakes , Plus a few watermelon . The table is covered with red plastic film , Even the plates are broken .

I had a wedding banquet in the countryside , Much better than that .

Fans wonder , Collective 9 Where's Wan ?

They went to the backup club to say , Backup will be noisy , Say the local conditions are bad , I tried my best .

Fans ran to Deng Lun's boss again , The boss is better , Not even polite , Educate the fans directly .

Said there was no fund-raising .

How can you attack the backup Club ?

Don't complain all day .

With this strength , Help Lun Lun do something to do .

Just look at , Look at this face , Is it right? PUA Well ?

The fans paid , Do data again , Finally, question the poor management of the support Committee , And was scolded , Let yourself reflect , Don't spread negative energy .

Click on the tongue , There is such a boss , Having such backup will , It's dangerous .

Later, the backup club didn't even sell miserably , Direct said “ No bills , You can go on ”.

But because of arrogance , Was rushed by fans .

Finally, I got a detailed list , But here's the account , Who believes who is stupid .

Because of this , Deng Lunxi mentioned “ Brother Shaobing ” The nickname .

Also named by various official media .

once , I thought after this battle , Deng Lun will pay strict attention to every step in the entertainment industry , Be careful to make a ten thousand year boat , little does one think 2018 After the cake burning incident in ,2019 To 2020, He evaded taxes , This is less than a year after the Fan Bingbing incident .

Maybe fans will comfort themselves , Dunlon must be innocent , It must be the people in the studio , Put him in a hole .

Say that again , meaningless .

Since Deng Lun became popular , Every step he took didn't seem right , Fund raising disorderly support meeting ,PUA The boss of fans , His self-motivated attitude , Are very short-sighted .

This time the tax department gave the opportunity , Remind and urge , But the rectification is not complete , Finally, he completely killed himself .

also , Deng Lun is not as silly and sweet as fans think , At least ten years in the road, mixed with the flow position , He doesn't know anything .

A generation 90 Hou Xiaosheng , The acting career may stop at 30 One year old .

and , The melon owner who first revealed the incident said , It's just the beginning .

No, it's not possible .

Since the investigation of Shuangzi last year , Weiya's fall to Zhang Ting is suspected of MLM , Entertainment industry earthquake wave after wave , Now the tax department ends up , In his words, he also meant to tighten the supervision of the cultural and entertainment circles .

Maybe Dunlan is just the first artist to fall this year , Who's behind , It remains to be seen .

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