Tan Jianci in the illustrated book of hunting crime: handsome, sometimes an obstacle

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“ Tan Jian is so handsome ”. With the suspense play 《 The book of hunting 》 The heat of , There are more and more such comments .

《 The book of hunting 》 It's about Shen Yi, a portrait artist, and Du Cheng, the captain of the criminal police, who worked together to solve the case .“ portrait ” It's the of this suspense show “ Drama soul ”, Tan Jianci plays Shen Yi , From an artist to a police portrait artist .

“ If I really look good , I don't think it's a ‘ wrong ’. But sometimes , It will really become an obstacle to me .” Tan Jianci said .

But this time , stay 《 The book of hunting 》, hinder , Is no longer a hindrance .

use “ understanding ” packing “ Aloof ”

Attract Tan Jian to play 《 The book of hunting 》 The first is “ Portrait artist ” This occupation . He said that there are few TV dramas with the theme of police portraitists in China , I have never been in contact with a portrait artist , I've only seen it in some film and television dramas in the past , But these plays have also been written in one stroke , Will not deliberately show this profession .

And after taking the play , Only when he talked with some friends in the police field did he know that few people engaged in this profession , Some even call it “ Police giant panda ”, It means that this profession is in the police “ National treasure ”.

But the significance of a portrait artist is only to paint a picture for solving a case ? Tan Jianci said :“ Shen Yiyong 7 Years of time, I threw down my brush , Picked up the sketch pen , Profile people 、 Insight into people's hearts 、 Learn to analyze cases , In fact, it is this character's persistence in pursuing the truth , It is also a kind of responsibility he believes he should bear to the society .”

And this social responsibility in turn , Is also changing Shen Yi .“ Shen Yi has no contact with ‘ Portrait artist ’ Before this job , Is a painter . When he became an artist , His heart is very lonely and proud . You could even say , He is a little crazy young man . But when he hurt a policeman because of his painting , He used 7 Years to break yourself up and reassemble . Shen Yi after assembly , Learned to use ‘ understanding ’ To pack your inner loneliness and even madness .“ Tan Jianci said .

“ social phobia ”

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