Does the Qinglang action really eliminate the "old stubborn" in the rice circle?

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2021 The year is undoubtedly a turning point for internal entertainment . How to cry before “ Film and television winter ”, The fan market is stable and upward . But with “ Milk pouring incident ” For the fuse , The Central Propaganda Department issued a document 《 Notice on carrying out comprehensive management in the field of culture and entertainment 》, The draft was stopped , While the chaos in the rice circle is corrected , It also opened the prelude to the extinction of black and red entertainment . The draft is gone , The trainee has no way out , Can only go to the script to kill guest stars to supplement the family ; The list is gone , There is no point in making data control and evaluation , Female data workers are fully liberated ; The fund-raising platform is gone , those “ Time limit 1 chase 1”“ Raise funds to pull out the flag ” All the words of the past follow the wind .

However , Is the rice circle really disbanded on the spot , Those fans kidnapped by the data and the list have also found their lives ? not necessarily . 3 month 8 Friday night , After Gong Jun's fans take off the powder , Drying out the group chat records of the big fans in the wechat group asking members to raise funds to buy data :10 Day fund raising 5 ten thousand 、 Do data and find channels , Still the most familiar set .

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes , It's inevitable to stick together 、 Competition . The rice circle is still , It's just a more covert way under external pressure , Continue to run quietly . Looking for the next home

“ Star chasing is really not as interesting as it used to be .” Fan Su Su told hard candy Jun , Douban has been rectified repeatedly , Melon eaters like her are still looking for the next peach blossom garden . It's different from the microblog super words full of rainbow farts , The Douban entertainment group with free atmosphere is both a source of true and false news , It is also a Colosseum where fans tear and spit black mud at each other . Every time the entertainment industry has “ melon ” appear , As one of the sources of news, Douban Entertainment Group will welcome a group of melon eaters . And those true or false revelations , It also nourishes the marketing number that makes a living by carrying Douban news . In the eyes of some , Douban group is the root of all evil . Unscreened revelations and professional fans' incitement , It is one of the root causes of chaos in the rice circle . In the eyes of fans , The free and unrestrained atmosphere of Douban , No community can give it .

“ Qinglang ” After the start of the special action , Douban entertainment group was almost wiped out . Geese group 、 Qingqing grassland, etc 20 Entertainment groups have been suspended / Collection function , Douban fire research group, etc 25 Two teams were shut down directly . Besides , Douban also removed the entertainment partition function in the group , Shielded “ Eat the melon ”“ Gossip ” Other keywords . After the limelight , The temporarily closed group reopened , But fans also understand that big trees attract wind ,“ It's time to find a new home ”. Someone once said , Weibo and Douban group , That makes up the entertainment industry “ Watch and inside ”. Although there are a large number of stars and support groups stationed on Weibo , But not the first choice for the vagrants in the rice circle .“ Without those on the super talk list , Microblogging is just looking at the news , Microblogging is too easy to be human flesh , unsafe ”. The Himalayan 、 The most right 、Tape even to the extent that QQ Music Group in music , Have become the gathering point for a short stay in the rice circle , Because of “ Traffic is not good , It's not convenient to use 、 The atmosphere doesn't match ” And be abandoned . You know 、 Xiaohongshu and other communities , Also hosted stray fans . But due to usage habits 、 Posting method and other reasons , Some people settle down here , More people choose to continue to migrate .

it is a wonder that , Due to the product mechanism 、 The forum atmosphere is similar , Post Bar ushered in a long lost “ The Renaissance ”. Douban several entertainment groups to preserve the vitality , Register the post of the same name early in case of need . Because of the influx of rice circles , Once silent “ A passing ” Wait for the post , The lively scene of the past has been restored . Those who still stay in Douban , On the one hand, through daily posting “ De Entertainment ”, Entertainment Group, transformation life group , Make sure to pass the next rectification safely ; On the other hand, the rectification is only for the entertainment gossip group , The comprehensive group of film and television dramas is relatively safe , So fans poured into the film and television area , Douban also defaults that the comprehensive group of film and television plays undertakes part of the functions of entertainment issues . Of course , Like the Moon Group , Directly set as a private group that cannot be searched , It's also a way to protect yourself .

fans YSS Tell Mr. hard candy , The rice circle is in an awkward situation , Everyone is keeping a low profile , But even if you keep a low profile, it's not necessarily safe .“ Douban is crazy now , Seal a large batch number randomly . After a while, some will be solved and some will be permanently banned , I'm the one who was sealed off without doing anything .” And even if there is an anonymous posting mechanism , The public platform is always crowded , The rice circle reached a tacit understanding : On public social platforms, just talk in general , WeChat and Q A group is a business “ Major events ” The place of . Non-stop fund-raising

On the surface , After operation Qinglang ,owhat!、 Taoba and other fund-raising platforms were taken off the shelves , The crazy scene of raising millions a day has become a thing of the past . In fact, the fund-raising of the rice circle is still , It just became more hidden . The large-scale rectification makes the rice circle toss around on multiple platforms to find a new home , At the same time, due to policy tightening , Fans have become more cautious and low-key , Nowadays, the direct fund-raising is mostly in “ Private domain ” Conduct , For example, wechat group and QQ Group . In the past, punch in and switch to wechat group chat every day , In the form of a group to-do . If you don't click the Done button for a long time , Will be asked by the group leader or the administrator window , Or hang it directly in a large group ,“ What's going on? , You can't punch in every day. You're qualified to say love ta?”

Evidence of Gong Jun's fans taking off powder and stepping back , Including fans' assistance through wechat transfer The so-called daily clock in , Or the daily fund-raising in the rice circle in the past , In the form of sending directional red envelopes to group leaders , Pay for future activities . Not much money ,1 Block start , The uncapped ,“ It's enough to save a little money for breakfast every day ”. All in one group , Even if manual is not enough , Fans will still bite their teeth and insist on punching in every day , After all, no one wants to be directly linked out by group management . Those who can join the group are core fans , That is, the group who can squeeze out some money anyway . Passerby's-by powder and ordinary fans have other harvesting methods . from 2020 From the second half of , Many star support meetings began “ except ” get up . The daily fund-raising of pure money has become less , The aid society has become a place for selling daily sundries “ Buffet ”. This seems to be an act of dereliction of duty , Now look back. , It should be the big fan who has heard the wind is making transformation .

“ My daily life has been contracted around the river sister .” Hefen Feifei means , Last year, B50 The fund-raising of Golden Melody Awards is regarded by Hefen as the last Carnival ,“ Qinglang ” The rear support association dare not raise funds in a big way . But we have to find a way to support the little idol , You can't pay directly. It's always possible to buy things , So Feifei lived a life surrounded by He Mei . From shirt 、 socks 、 Clothes such as coats , Then to the mouse pad 、 Hand warmer 、 Small objects such as blind boxes , As long as the backup will sell 、 I'll buy whatever I can use . Fat, who is not interested in traditional festivals and customs , For the first time this year, Spring Festival couplets have been posted during the Spring Festival , Also because it is produced by the backup Association . This set includes Spring Festival couplets 、 Red envelopes 、 Table mat 、 Air bag bracket, etc , The price is 122.3 element . It's not cheap compared with similar products in the market , Behind the premium is the tacit understanding between the fans and the backup Club .

Han Fan circle binds the periphery with the album , In essence, it's still a person who carries ten albums home , That set of selling to idols . In the past, there were gifts attached to the album , Now it has become buying peripheral albums . The surrounding areas developed by the backup association are no longer limited to self-made small cards 、 Little things like paper tape , Vinyl record player 、JK skirt 、T T-shirts and other large items have been added to the peripheral sales package . After fans place an order , It's often ready-made albums that get first ,“ The principal ” The figures around are far away . new “ Sea view room mode ” It's also the birth of . The backup committee will state when it issues a peripheral announcement , Payment before delivery , Fans need to confirm the receipt before taking the package , The backup will take the money to the manufacturer for production and then deliver the goods .“ I'm going to laugh .” In a Blackpink member Rose The backup Club bought two sets JK Fans of the album package told hard candy Jun , After she placed the order, she probably 3 I received the album last month , and JK The skirt has been dragged for a full year and has not been seen .“ Forget it , Hundreds of dollars anyway , It's like paying for roses .”Battle Everywhere

Behind the fund-raising that can't stop , They are trying to fill their pockets , Also because the competition between the rice circle and the coffee level has always been . Some people were optimistic that , Without the list, you can't see the traffic level , In the future, there is only the difference between paste and red , Naturally, fans won't do such things as raising money on the list . It's not , The list is gone , But it can Battle There are a lot of places . “ The most intuitive is the poster position 、 Party level 、 The order of appearance .”YSS Tell Mr. hard candy , Although there is no list , But from these details , You can still judge the coffee level .“ Poster station C It must be higher than the bordered coffee , It's not clear , The party level of top five satellite TV Youai tengmang , It must be higher than those small and medium-sized platforms .” The official list of the platform was stopped , But it can't prohibit the birth of folk lists . Wait for the platform in the post bar , Enthusiasts often share “ Entertainment CP The list ”“ Microblog forwarding effectiveness ranking ” Wait for the list ,“ Should grab and forward ”“ Real grab forwarding ” Such classification seems very serious . Fans are guided by the principle of trusting what they have or not , Continue to contribute to the achievements of idols .

“ Now let's talk about the data , For example, those who turn to praise really don't pay so much attention . But that doesn't mean it's not important , The key to this thing is that it can abuse powder and solidify powder , Especially loose powder . And for the little paste beans , The brand wants to find a live broadcast temporarily , The good-looking data of comment and praise shows that at least some fans are willing to spend money , The live broadcast will not be dead .” Gong Jun's fan group that was exposed to raise funds for data , There is also a suspected fan senior said :“ Many fans don't understand data , They only look at the number on the surface , This is the way to maintain stability in the rice circle ”“ After Qinglang, the price of buying data soared , The data of each company is falling because they can't afford to buy the previous data ”. The implication is to take this opportunity to rush , Can run over other houses .

The stage is gone , The play is less , Some artists choose a small theater to start again . Whose tickets sell fast 、 Who sells more tickets 、 How long did it take to sell out 、 Whether the website is paralyzed when invoicing , They are all the indicators that the rice circle likes . Besides , Second hand trading platform , Such as idle fish , It has also become a battlefield for fans to compete for coffee positions . Whose peripheral price is high , It proves who is more popular .“ Some people find it hard to get a small truck with a lot of money , Some people can't transfer their five dollar wallets , Is there anything more to say ”.

“ Operation Qinglang ” Curb the behavior of making data and other rice circles , Fans have gone to the other extreme : Everything depends on money . It's better to sell more than good data , Even in the years when data were most popular , Fans also believe that it's better to spend more time , It's better to buy it with real money . Under the clear sky , Black and red are all gone , The stage is gone, the invitation is gone, the list is gone , It's not easy to have an endorsement or business , Fans should compete for a high or low level in endorsement sales , Prove your spending power to brand Dad . In addition to proving to the brand , Fans have another Psychology : hope ta Make more money .“ I don't know if I can renew the contract after the endorsement expires , Buy more and he can share more money .” Although the policy says “ Stars don't go on meaningless hot search ”, But for what is “ Meaningless hot search ” There are no rules , This also leaves room for those who want to operate .“ Qinglang ” after , The situation that stars often contract hot search is less , But say “ Meaningless hot search ”, Like what so and so wear 、 So and so eyes and so on , But it didn't disappear .

On the one hand, these heat searches are used to maintain heat , On the other hand, it can also abuse powder . Some fans complained to hard candy King , Another artist of the same company often has such hot searches on Weibo , In the view of fans, this is because the coffee level leads to differential treatment ,“ If my coffee exceeds him , Hanging up several hot searches can also attract a wave of passers-by ”. Under the action of such thinking , Fans are more motivated to participate in daily clock in . The large-scale renovation of the rice circle , It really changed the Internet atmosphere , But it also makes the remaining fans more united , More enthusiastic about raising funds , The mode of thinking is more ‘ crazy ’, More familiar with the use of reporting platform . They learned a lesson , They also know how to disguise themselves on public platforms , Keep quiet in time .“ It is said that the second round of Qinglang is coming again , Big powder has been notified in the group , Recently, don't mention raising money to pursue stars except where you are in the group ”.

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