All stars support Jilin anti epidemic! Han Hong donated 5 million materials, Zhang Kaili, Li Yugang, Liu haocun and others donated one after another

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Siblings , help one another in defense work ! Under the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin Province , Many stars take positive action , Support Jilin in fighting the epidemic by donating money and materials , To interpret with practical action “ One side has difficult support ”, At the same time, it has also been praised by countless netizens . I believe that with the joint efforts of all people , Jilin will be able to overcome the epidemic , Welcome to the spring !

Han Hong foundation was quickly established “ Han Hong supports Jilin with love ” The project team , Donate value to Jilin Charity Federation 500 Million of epidemic prevention materials , Including negative pressure ambulance 、 Nucleic acid sampling truck, etc . meanwhile , Han Hong himself whispered , A word of “ Do your best ” Enough to reflect her determination to do public welfare . Even if Han Hong's public welfare has been questioned before , But now, it still can't stop her from moving forward on the road of public welfare .

Zhang Kaili, as an actor from Changchun , At the same time, she is also the public welfare image ambassador of the Red Cross Society of Jilin Province. She was the first to take action , Donate money to the Red Cross Society of Jilin Province by transfer 100 Ten thousand yuan , It really deserves to be an artist who has won the title of national actor with both virtue and art .

Li Yugang studio drying out Li Yugang's donation notes , contribution 50 Wan Chiyuan's hometown Jilin . Li Yugang cherished the heart of back feeding to repay his hometown parents , Send a sincere message :“ Born in , Grow up , Stay away from home , Jilin has become the place most missed by wanderers ”.

Young actor Liu haocun cares about his hometown , contribution 50 Ten thousand yuan is used to buy epidemic prevention materials . The studio wrote : I'm concerned about my hometown , I hope the front-line epidemic prevention personnel pay attention to protection , May the epidemic end soon ! Fight the epidemic together , Jilin refueling !

Zhao Benshan's Apprentice song Xiaofeng also donated money for his hometown at the first time 50 ten thousand , And said :“ The epidemic in my hometown , Affect my heart , I hope the epidemic will end soon .” And some time ago, he publicly issued a document accusing Zhao Benshan's former apprentice “ Jiao Jiao ” Zhao Yujiao , She donated to Jilin elm 30 Ten thousand disposable masks . Little Shenyang, Shen Chunyang and his wife donated money 20 Do your best to cheer for your hometown . Zhao Jiaxuan, Zhao Benshan's daughter, donated money to Jilin in her own name 10 ten thousand .

Zhou Yang, the Winter Olympic champion from Changchun, Jilin Province, also took action , Give your love for the fight against the epidemic in Jilin , But the amount of the donation has not been exposed .

In addition to donations from stars , Many netizens are also very actively involved . Head net red Simba donated to Jilin Charity Federation 500 Ten thousand yuan epidemic prevention and control and living materials , Including masks 、 Protective clothing 、 Convenience food, etc , It is reported that , Up to now , All public welfare donations of Simba and Xinxuan group have exceeded 2 One hundred million yuan .

More than that , Net red high fire 、 Three jin 、 The old head donated money 100 ten thousand , A Zhe 、 Meng Xiang 、 Xu Lei 、 Yao Yang donated 50 ten thousand , White Xiaobai 32.1 ten thousand 、 Lu Xiaokai 30 ten thousand , Zhang Kaifeng 、 The Great Buddha 20 ten thousand , Zhu bold 、 Wang Xiaoguo 、 various 10 ten thousand .

There is more than one form of giving love , In addition to donations , As a public figure, Li Sisi 、 Peng Guanying 、 ROC 、、 Wei Da Shun 、 Chen Xiaoqian and others have also published a document to cheer for Jilin .

Whether it's a donation 、 Donate money or make a voice appeal , Every strength deserves to be affirmed , I believe the epidemic will eventually pass , Jilin refueling , I also wish everyone peace !

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