After reading the birthday present from his son, Li Xuejian squeezed out the word "no"

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66 On her birthday , Li Xuejian returned his birthday present from his son Li Geng .

Li Gen went to celebrate his father's birthday with a computer , The computer contains a long piece of the first work just finished rough cutting 《 If one day I will leave you 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 one day 》).

Li Gen turns on the computer , Click the play button . He told his father , This year's birthday , There's nothing for him , Just give him his debut film as a birthday present .

Li Gen

2 After one hour , The computer finished playing the last frame , Li Xuejian looks at Li gen , Squeeze two words out of your mouth ——“ Don't ”.

In Li Xuejian's memory , My son left that day crying , Before leaving , The child also said to himself “ Happy birthday, Dad ”.

Last winter , Li Gen finished his first feature film in Japan , The main venue is a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Tokyo , That's where Li Gen worked while studying in Japan .

The film was made 39 God , From beginning to end , He didn't let his father “ Blending ”, I didn't play with my father , The premiere didn't want him to go .

For a while , Li Gen was especially dissatisfied and was posted “ Li Xuejian's son ” This tag , Why can he only be someone's son , What about himself ? Not at home , Can't make a movie ?

Screw bar

If you want to label Li Gen , except “ Li Xuejian's son ”, He is still “ Tian Zhuangzhuang's nephew ”“ Yu Lan's nephew and grandson ”⋯⋯

Growing up in a movie family , Li Gen's life has already been written .18 I graduated from high school at the age of 18 , Take the art exam , First volunteer , The probability is that Beijing Film Academy . If you don't want to be an actor , Behind the scenes , At least not without creation .

But Li Gen didn't want to study movies from the beginning , He hardened his head and opened the necessary reference books for the art examination 《 Encyclopedia of Art 》, I only memorized about one page , I told my family the truth ,“ No test ”.

“ I was then , I just don't want to study movies ”, Li Gen can't remember why he was so resistant , All in all , Later, he went to a university that had nothing to do with movies , Became an undergraduate majoring in Japanese .

occasionally , Li Gen feels very “ Screw bar ”. such as , Film making .

Originally, the university has been deliberately far away from film and television for four years , But after graduating from college , Accidentally followed the second group , It's sprouting again. It's better to “ try ” The idea of . Originally, the Buddhist system in life was detached , But the moment the camera opens , fail to show restraint .

《 one day 》 Working photos

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