Wang Xiaoli's daughter rarely appeared and was called a replica of Liu Neng by netizens. Her 11-year-old wife has been upgraded to a grandmother

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3 month 14 Japan , Wang Xiaoli's wife, Li Lin, posted a video with her daughter on the social platform , Wang Xiaoli's little daughter rarely appears on camera .

42 Li Lin is in good shape , Her skin was white, firm and rosy , Three dimensional and beautiful facial features , You can still see the charm of your youth , And her makeup is exquisite , Also dyed fashionable brown yellow , Looks younger , It's like I'm only thirty , The figure is a little round , However, this kind of happiness is enough to prove that her life is moist now .

Her daughter also has a fleshy figure , The round face is very pleasing , Like a red apple . The children's facial features are almost the same as their father's , It's just more beautiful and softer than Wang Xiaoli , Also a lovely and sweet little beauty .

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