Liruotong personally cooks and takes photos of himself. His beauty is too much criticized by his assistant roast. The decoration at home is surprisingly simple

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3 month 15 Japan , Li ruotong baked his own dinner on the social platform , And the accompanying article revealed that his assistant roast about his poor photographing skills , It took several times to succeed .

55 At the age of, she looks in good shape , Eyebrows are thick and thick , Big eyes, high bridge of nose, exquisite facial features , The oval face is almost unchanged from that of young people , The eye socket is deep , Three dimensional, like a hybrid , And the hair is dark and thick , Looks quite young .

But because the beauty filter is too big , Li ruotong's face not only has no wrinkles and spots , Even the skin texture disappeared , It looks distorted , It also makes her original pure and refined beauty less beautiful , No wonder Li ruotong's selfie technique was criticized by his assistant roast .

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