Gong Hanlin, Pan Changjiang, the two ultimate destinations of old artists

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The national football team has grown up , In a certain dimension .

lately , Many people discuss “ The dispute between Feng Gong ”, When I first saw it, I thought Mr. Feng Gong was “ Miss us so much ”, Take a closer look, it turns out that Gong Hanlin and Feng Xiaoting, former captain of the national football team, quarreled .

The reason is that Gong Hanlin mentioned a football team in an interview , call “ Completely humiliate the Chinese ”.

And then , Feng Xiaoting is replying to netizens “ Whether to retire “ Answer your questions :“ retired , Give way to Gong Hanlin ”.

There is a , The shouting between them escalated .

Gong Hanlin directly used his professional mace to play a short play in response to .

Feng Xiaoting is a late night essay , It's not easy to describe the difficulties of football players .

The original words are too long , Brother, let's summarize the key points .

1、 Losing is not entirely the responsibility of the player .

2、 Chinese football needs doers , Not keyboard man .

3、 We got a pay cut .

4、 Don't scold , Not conducive to the growth of the next generation .

I have no intention to discuss the issue of the national football team in depth today , But to be fair , Don't be too glassy about the team .

After all , Gong Hanlin mentioned the national football team , It's not that people want to rub the heat .

Because he is a member of the CPPCC National Committee , Some stars are criticized for earning tens of millions of dollars , Still evading taxes , When calling for the reform of the labor model commendation system , By the way, I mentioned a team .

Run a question , I remember that Deng Lun was exposed to tax evasion today , Gong Hanlin's appeal is a direct jump to the Prophet ?

Gong Hanlin, who hasn't been to the Spring Festival gala for more than ten years , In fact, it is no longer an active figure in the eyes of the audience , The occasional news doesn't seem to stir up such a big splash .

Over the years, CCTV Spring Festival Gala has invited Gong Hanlin more than once , But he never met the exciting book :“ Facing such a script , Due to congenital deficiencies , You can't go back to heaven , You can only decline ”.

I didn't meet the right script at the Spring Festival Gala , But outside the Spring Festival Gala , Gong Hanlin is not idle .

As a member of the CPPCC National Committee , I turned over his proposal :

2013 Caring for migrant workers ;2014 Year is 《 It is suggested that the Japanese invaders 731 Declaration of military sites as world cultural heritage sites 》;

2016 The year is concerned about “ School violence ”;

2017 The year is to adhere to cultural self-confidence , Spread Chinese culture .

Just take it out and see , Everything was very good .

besides , He didn't fall on the short video .

Speak true , In my opinion , None of the other passages are as funny as the one against the national football team recently :“ I don't understand the ball , But I'll watch the score ”.

Maybe it's heartless , But Gong Hanlin has earned enough audience support .

There was a loud voice of support here , Obviously, it is in sharp contrast to another hot search ――

# Pan Changjiang is suspected of false propaganda and selling alcohol #.

Need to know , Pan Changjiang and Gong Hanlin , Not only is it also the popular person of the Spring Festival Gala of that year , They are still the same age , It is said that the two families have decided to have a baby kiss .

In the impression of the audience , Gong Hanlin once worked with teacher Zhao Lirong , That sentence “ Court jade liquor 181 cups ” Up to now, it has been taken out by young people to play with , Pan Changjiang's song “ Sister, you take the bow, brother, you walk on the shore ” It is also a generation's memory of the Spring Festival Gala .

Today, , Two phase comparison , Unavoidably sigh .

2019 year , Gong Hanlin and Pan Changjiang recorded the program together , Talking about Pan Changjiang, who is still fighting on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala , He has said :“ Can still hold on , Still able to stick to , It's not easy . It's hard and beautiful to attend the Spring Festival Gala , I especially hope to continue to serve the audience on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala , The premise is that there are good works .”

It's only a few years , Two people go up one by one , Open your mouth and say the proposal , What we're talking about is suggestions , The other goes all the way down , The surface is connected to the earth gas , In fact, it flowed into muddy water , I was covered with mud .

On fame , Now Pan Changjiang can't compare with Gong Hanlin , But in terms of the jokes brought to the audience over the years , Pan Changjiang didn't lose at all .

Recognize Simba as a dry son , Gazi Xie Mengwei, who is connected to the live broadcast as an elder , Teach him how to be a man …… live broadcast , It is an unavoidable topic for Pan Changjiang in recent years .

That year , Gazi apologized for selling fake wine and overturning the car , Pan Changjiang earnestly exhorted :“ The water is deep here …… Everything on the Internet is virtual , You can't hold .”

Turn around and bring your own goods, live broadcast, wind and water rise , Even the wine is the same as Gazi .

The old artist fell into the altar overnight , From Uncle pan to son pan .

At the turn of panga, the audience hasn't forgotten .

Pan Zi has a new trick .

lately , Pan Zi's live broadcast brings goods to Maotai , call :“ I have known chairman Maotai for more than ten years , I got him drunk last night , Let him sign the contract and give me pricing power .”

In Pan Zi's mouth ,“ This Maotai is the year of the Tiger Chinese Zodiac wine , The market price has been 4 More than ten thousand boxes , I 2 Sell more than 10000 , Is it produced only once a year , Drink one bottle less .”

Worthy of being an old artist , The ability to write a script after many years away from the stage is still so extraordinary , Creative bottleneck ? There is no the .

But next time, remember to explain to the audience , Why the market price 4500 Yuan a bottle of wine , Live Room discount 4799 element ?

however , Pan Zi's play provides an idea , I'm going to expand it for him on the spot .

The name of this new sketch is tentative 《 So live 》.

Pan Zi plays a popular anchor with great prestige , In addition to carrying goods, we are looking for young people pk Teach them to be human , Gong Hanlin plays the father of a little anchor , Because his son was educated by Pan Zi and robbed the business , The two are online .

In the process of line-up, they come and go to uncover the truth of fake wine , Expose the chaos of the anchor selling high imitation Maotai , And then help the police destroy the whole fake wine industry chain .

Ignorance @ Whether Mr. Gong Hanlin is interested in ? It's no better than arguing with the national football team why they occupy the pit and don't shit , It's much more interesting to eat essence without laying eggs ?

Let yourself become a person lurking in the fake wine industry chain “ Undercover ”, This may also be the only chance for Pan Changjiang to recover his reputation .

just a joke , I don't have the ability to write a script .

Actually , Whether it's Gong Hanlin, a member of the CPPCC, or Pan Changjiang, who brings goods live , They represent most old artists who are unwilling to be lonely , Not good enough or they “ I like ” Their script can add fire to their later years , So the two chose the opposite track and tried to run wildly .

They want to rejuvenate the second spring of life , Each takes something for his name and profit , But the latter is integrated into the live Jianghu , No food .

Save the evening , It seems to have become a compulsory course for every old artist , When I was young, I said the wrong thing and did the wrong thing , Publicity or low-key , There will always be plenty of time to correct the wrong track , In old age , The cost of taking off is getting higher and higher , The achievements in this life seem to be accompanied by a sentence at any time “ The minds in jeopardy ” It's gone .

Nobody told them , In old age , How to realize the fame and reputation earned in youth , Under anxiety, the evening Festival seems to become less important , It's more important to get what you want as soon as possible .

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