Keep a low profile and do good! Zhang Kaili donated 1 million yuan to support the anti epidemic in Jilin

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In this paper, from :1905 Movie network

1905 Movie news 3 month 15 Japan , Micro-blog topic “ Zhang Kaili donated 100 Ten thousand yuan to support the fight against epidemic diseases in Jilin ” On the hot search list , Netizens have for Zhang Kaili “ Keep a low profile and do good ” give the thumbs-up .

It is reported that ,3 month 14 Japan , Zhang Kaili, a national first-class actor of China National dialect theatre, donated money to the Red Cross Society of Jilin Province through bank transfer 100 ten thousand , Support the epidemic prevention and control work in Jilin Province .

3 month 13 Japan , Zhang Kaili also forwarded Jilin fire microblog , Express :“ As an evergreen , The epidemic in my hometown affects my heart . Fight the epidemic together , Jilin refueling !” Nearly period of time , Because on TV 《 human world 》 Excellent performance in , Zhang Kaili let the audience appreciate the charm of performing art , this “ Keep a low profile and do good ” It's a lot of circles .

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